Saturday, November 24, 2012

What a nice man ...


Alan Stock is a radio and TV talk show host in Las Vegas, Nevada who has picked up a piece by Dr Mike Lumish at friend blog Israel Thrives , A Question for Progressive-Left American Jews, on his website.

That makes him a nice man. He is also very obviously a "dog man". That makes him a very nice man

He also looks uncannily like an old friend. So much so that I intend to email him

Alan's website tells us that:
Talkers Magazine (, the bible of the talk radio industry, has named Alan Stock as one of the 100 most influential talk radio hosts in America for twelve straight years. Radio and Records, the one-time bible of the entire radio industry, named Alan one of six top local talk radio personalities. Alan has been the recipient of two Electronic Media Awards and in 2003, Alan was inducted into the Nevada Broadcasters Association’s Hall of Fame.

A Mike Lumish
NOV 12

A Question for Progressive-Left American Jews

A Question for Progressive-Left American Jews
a Malachi
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Harry Reid flipping off
NOV 12

Reid Says He Can’t Work With Romney

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This Cartoon Seemed Far-Fetched In 1948

a Obama Benghazi photo
NOV 12

Benghazi Blunder: Obama Unworthy Commander-in-Chief

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OCT 12

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