Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let the blood libels begin ...


How long before the antisemitic left begins retailing the Israelis are murdering innocent children  war frenzy slurs?

Complete with staged photos fresh from the Hamas propaganda hate  mills?.

I nominate New Matilda in Australia. It has this crap up on the front page within hours of the IDF taking out the main murder gang boss in Gaza in such truly excellent style once again proving that the IDF is the most moral military in the world.

Al Shifa hospital was in total chaos with so many injured coming in. When I arrived in the ward where they treated burn victims, I saw women collapsing in grief. They had just found out that Omar Jihad Masharawi, a one-year-old baby, had died of his wounds. One of the women was his mother.
I went up with other photographers. I cannot describe what I saw with words, and neither can I post the grim pictures of a burned baby. This is just horrific.
Later the father cried as he carried Omar to the morgue. I went home. I feel nervous, with the news coming about more attacks, more injured. There is nowhere to escape in Gaza.
Israel is attacking a civilian population that has committed no crime other than being Palestinian.
I cant sleep and can’t take the image of Omar out of my head. Why did Omar have to die? 

And a dead baby picture.

How on earth did a baby get burnt to death in an Israeli aerial attack and is still in one piece?  And neither of her parents are in the slightest injured?  Where was the child? In the boot of Ahmed al-Jabari's car?

The mother was there to weep in her hands for one photo and the father to carry the baby to the morgue for another. Like I said they might be short on gurneys and medicos in Gaza (it must be the blockade) but they sure have their fill of cameras and photographers,

And now for a sick kid photo:

That kid doesn't look too sick to me.  Obviously not in the same room as the baby. Another miracle child perhaps just like Muhammed al-Durrah  of  Netzarim Junction blood libel fame. The one who got shot to death with automatic gunfire without bleeding.
Still this child should be thankful for small mercies given the horror of a life he has to look forward to under the genocide preaching life hating vile and murderous illegal regime of Hamas.
At least his ambulance has a gurney.

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  1. Wanna bet they keep a few corpses in the freezers for when it comes time to generate some fauxtographs? Saddam did it -- he'd have his folks collect every stillborn with visible birth defects, then parade them around claiming they were caused by sanctions.

  2. Nothing at all would surprise me Rob.

    The dead kid in the morgue that the Pals and left passed off as Muhammed al-Durrah was probably dead before France 2 pulled off the Netzarim Junction blood libel. Kept on ice for sure.