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The Gutless Antisemitic Left Goes Anonymous


Remember when the left was honourable?

Yeah I know. This part of it never was. They were always racist and cowardly.

How sad is this.

They have resorted to republishing the bundle of anonymous accounts of incidents from the Second Intifada that for the most part have been floating around for years and they expect to be taken seriously.

They just cannot bear the truth.  The lives of the "Palestinians" in Jerusalem Judea and Samaria are hardly ideal given the vile political cultures of the "Palestinians",  the Arab Muslim world and Iran but are for the most part better than those suffered under these ugly regimes. At least they have peace and can get on with their lives. Tell that to the Syrians.

Here it is .  From Australian left blog   New Matilda.Com


31 Oct 2012

Israel's Harsh Logic

Our Harsh Logic, a new book of testimonies from Israeli Defense Force soldiers, exposes the brutal treatment of Palestinians and the system that allows the violence to continue. Read an exclusive excerpt here
Death sentence for a man who wasn’t armed
Unit: ParatroopersLocation: Nablus
Year: 2002

Soldier: We took over a central house, set up positions, and one of the sharpshooters identified a man on a roof, two roofs away, I think he was between 50 and 70 metres away, not armed. I looked at the man through the night vision — he wasn’t armed. It was two in the morning. A man without arms, walking on the roof, just walking around. We reported it to the company commander. The company commander said: "Take him down." [The sharpshooter] fired, took him down. The company commander — basically ordered, decided via radio, the death sentence for that man. A man who wasn’t armed.

Interviewer: You saw that he wasn’t armed?

Solder: I saw with my own eyes that the guy wasn’t armed. The report also said: "a man without arms on the roof." The company commander declared him a lookout, meaning he understood that the guy was no threat to us, and he gave the order to kill him and we shot him. I myself didn’t shoot, my friend shot and killed him.

And basically you think, you see in the United States there’s the death penalty, for every death sentence there are like a thousand appeals and convictions, and they take it very seriously, and there are judges and learned people, and there are protests and what ever. And here a 26-year old guy, my company commander, sentenced an unarmed man to death. Who is he? What do you mean, a lookout? And even if he was a lookout? So what, you have to kill him? And how did he know he was a lookout? He didn’t know. He got a report from the radio about an unarmed man on the roof, and he gave an order to kill him, which I think is an illegal order, and we carried out the order, we killed him. The man died. And listen, to me it’s murder. And that’s not the only case.

Che Gorilla was moved to say this :

It must really frustrate the very juices out of the gutless antisemitic left and the other Nazi collaborators that there has been such a prolonged period of calm, even peace, and relative prosperity in Jerusalem and in the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria.

You can see the vile spiteful bigoted hatred that peace, albeit an imposed peace , inspires in this element of the "left" right here. Look at them.  They condemn themselves.

They just can not bear the concept of peace in any form. Like the Jihad Nazi insurgents of Islamism they admire, Hamas Hezbollah and Tehran, the gutless antisemitic left feeds off war and hate. They breed in it and they breed  it,

This is why they have dredged the parrot cage dirt tray of a free and liberal society from years ago for juicy anonymous morsels from the Second Intifada  and beyond from even then ten and more years ago

None of it is original. All could have been investigated and still would be if they were reported and really should be given as much credibility as an anonymous account by someone claiming to be former ADF from East Timor or Vietnam.

Besides look at the worst of it. Strip away all the self flagellating look at me moralising what is there?

A man on a roof top in a strategic place during a fire fight against armed fascist insurgents is shot. Anonymous IDF guy says the fascist lookout didn't have a gun. At least he didn't see one.  Maybe he didn't have a gun.. That would make him the only man in Nablus who did not.have a gun. Especially in April 5-8 2002 during this operation as this IDF soldier could only be.

This is war  that included racist  blood libel flamed mass murders of deliberately targetted Jewish kids in restaurants nightclubs and on their way to school or college

Look at this "antizionist"diatribe above.

Anonymous of course and purports to quote the anonymous "good Jews".

The ones who have "bravely spoken out" as opposed to the other 99.99% who have not reported these incidents, or if they did, chose to report them to the appropriable military or civil authorities which as IDF soldiers their duty and the law requires.

These are the other 99.99%. The not so "good Jews". The other Jews. The Zionists.

Instead they sell their stories anonymously to an anonymous political group with an agenda that includes very prominently the destruction of the Jewish state which in turn enters into an anonymous deal with a fringe publisher who really should disclose whether the arrangement includes guaranteed pre-sales or other side deals.

These are the 00.01%.  The "good Jews".  What remains of the gutless antisemitic left's pathetic fig leaf of an alibi for denying what they so transparently are.

 How in this post-Oslo world do they manage that? Keep the sad old  lie going and keep a straight face any longer -- why don't they admit what you are and be honest and proud about your racist bigotry?

What denise said is almost the exact truth

"The joke is the Palestinians are probably treated with more respect than the inter-factional ‘rebels’ are by Assad in Syria. I know where I’d rather be living at the moment!"

In fact the "Palestinians" are treated with far more respect and always have been.  Unlike Syrians,  Lebanese , Iranians ... and for that matter "Palestinians" under "Palestinian" rule especially in Gaza.

Che Gorilla

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