Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The BBC and the global left media raise the racist pitch


Is it actually against the law at the BBC to say that Israel has a right to exist and that is a human rights issue if there has ever been one?

Is it against the law to say that Israelis have the right to defend themselves?

Is it against the law to report the news that Hamas has launched  a terrorist campaign against Israel?

From Melanie Philips

BBC Radio News at 8am today reported on the war between Hamas and Israel thus:

'There's been no let-up of Israel's bombardment of Gaza, as diplomatic efforts to secure a ceasefire gather pace. Air strikes and shelling from Israeli warships have continued throughout the night. Hamas says 18 Palestinians were killed, bring the total to 86 over the past six days. Three Israelis were killed last week. An Israeli newspaper says an air strike that killed 10 members of the same family in Gaza yesterday may have hit the wrong house. The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has called for an immediate end to the violence.'

But of course, there has been no let-up in Gaza's bombardment of Israel, as rockets continue to be fired at Israel in order to kill its civilians. Yet in this item there was no reference whatever to the rocket attacks on Israel. Once again, Israel is falsely - and quite wickedly -- portrayed as the aggressor in this conflict.
  • Jon Donnison of the BBC (again)
The BBC's Jon Donnison retweeted a malicious 'fauxtography' picture of a child who Hamas claimed had been killed in Gaza by Israeli bombing. Donnison, whose broadcasts from Gaza have been notable for their emotional partisanship on behalf of the Palestinians, added his own comment - 'Heartbreaking'. But this child was actually killed in Syria on October 28 - one of many such pictures Hamas has been passing off as children killed by Israeli air strikes, but who were in fact killed in the Syrian carnage. Donnison subsequently apologised for his error -- but what does this tell us about his standard of reporting? Richard Landes notes here the remarkable propensity of western journalists to fall for these 'Pallywood' stunts.

  • Huffington Post
The HuffWatch website documents how the Huffington Post, the world's most read 'online newspaper', publishes demonstrably risible Palestinian lies and propaganda. HuffPostLive, the site's entry into video news, says this report, has been airing such stinkers as the claim that Gaza is 'occupied' and 'terrorised' by Israel, pushing 'Pallywood' propaganda and ignoring the evidence that the Hamas has situated its munitions in civilian areas.
  • The grand-daddy of them all
And of course, let us not forget the Guardian.

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