The relationship between Corbyn and the British Jewish community has been fraught with tensions and it is not clear if such a proposal could work or who would lead it.
British Jews have repeatedly expressed alarm over what they say are Corbyn’s dubious ties to Holocaust deniers and pro-Palestinian figures who have espoused anti-Semitic views.
Empathetic to Hamas and Hezbollah, Corbyn, who won the Labour leadership by a landslide Saturday, is also widely regarded as one of the British MPs most hostile to Israel.

Boycotting Israel

In an interview with the anti-Israel site Electronic Intifada last month, Corbyn said he would impose an arms embargo on Israel should he become prime minister and asserted that Israeli universities involved in arms research should be boycotted.
“I think we have to push robustly for the limitation of arms supplies [to Israel],” Corbyn said.
“Israel is after all facing an investigation … for war crimes, [at the International Criminal Court] as indeed are the Hamas forces on a much different or lesser scale,” Corbyn said. “I think we should be very cautious about supplying arms in those circumstances

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