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Racism and Antisemitism at Australian Universities (Part 5)


I have not even scraped the surface.

It gets far far worse.

We all know this.

Its about time we said so.

More and uglier examples coming.

This is Antisemitism at "The Conversation" (Part 4)


mark delmege

self employed
In reply to Whyn Carnie
It's... ah... what they do. Regularly. Like with this bloke

This is Antisemitism at "The Conversation" (Part 3)


Post Grad UQ School of History
Sorry to say that Felix Patrikeeff has not really added much to the existing body of knowledge, a lesson for any academic wanting to get a scoop article out in the heat of the moment. I agree with other comments that point to the blog of Richard Silverstein, who is much closer to the issue and the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, which sometimes dares to criticise their government.
There are many questions that arise from the Ben Zygier affair, especially ones that the Gillard government should answer to a Royal Commission. There is absolutely no reason why Australians can't hold dual citizenship and normal for any one of us to have lingering feelings for our country of origin or second home. But Israel is not a normal country, it is a contested space and it most certainly does not meet the standards of an 'exemplary democracy’ as claimed. Unfortunately, the Gillard government's partisan dealings with Israel give Australia's democracy an unhealthy flavour too.
Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu said, "Let the security services continue working quietly so that we can continue to live in safety and tranquility in the State of Israel.” Everyone would agree that human security is measured by the tranquility and absence of fear and deprivation of their lives. Mossad is about maintaining and extending injustice and exclusion. They make use of people as though life was a Jason Bourne movie and human beings were expendable. I don’t want to live in a world where this assumption is normalised.
We don't know whether Zygier was coerced or joined Mossad voluntarily, we must. We don't know how the ever-cautious DFAT managed to issue him with more than one Australian passport - unless they were so instructed by ASIO. Australians should be disturbed by the very idea of someone borrowing their identity to visit another nation to commit murders. An Australian passport should ensure your safety and ensure Consular assistance – it is worthless otherwise. We need to decide very soon whether it is OK for Mossad to recruit students at Monash or any other university.
We need to extend our government's transparency, especially when they deal with other nations with different values. Secret trials without informed families and proper independent representation must not be normalised. Solitary confinement has been defined as torture and we should eliminate it from all prisons. These things are normal in Israel – especially for Palestinians.
Finally, we simply cannot accept this suspicious death as a suicide, in a suicide-proof cell. The order to kill Zygier would have come from the top, not from a low-ranking prison guard. Nor should our intelligence organisations be casual about the convenient departure of Ben Zygier, who could have exposed their connivance with Mossad. Zygier might not be a hero, but he deserved the same consideration as an Australian citizen as any one of us.

Dan Benn

Wood hewer
In the midst of all this, lies a very personal story. I suggest we don't forget it. How a family managed to bring their son home to Melbourne, bury him and mourn for him THREE YEARS AGO and no one in the Jewish community picking up on it, strikes me as most extraordinary. Lots of food for thought. I picked up this which reflects what I was thinking.

Pat Moore

Dan Benn ..."most extraordinary" it is not. That link & backlink you gave are propaganda, so bad it was funny as in Ron Ben-Yishai's "...a passionate Zionist (who) could not bear the guilt and committed suicide. He did not betray the country, he simply could not live up to his own expectations and those of his family and his surroundings. The burden became too heavy for his tormented soul." Fairy story....RBY must have been in that suicide proof cell with BZ then talking over his options & examining his soul? Did he recommend more sedatives to ease the passage?
And Ori Golan's "Secrets and Lies" assertions were frankly offensive. No thankyou, we don't "share common enemies"...don't conscript us further into the nightmares of your country's own making. Get real.
Australia is a "junior partner of the coalition of the willing" via Howard/Zionist Neocon Bush administration politics of the Israel-demanded, fake powerpointed presentation wars of invasion into Iraq & Afghanistan that the majoirty of Australian citizens were strongly opposed to. We are a compromised province of the US/Israeli Zionist empire. ASIO/ASIS would be a subservient animal to's obviously not yes or no, but how high, how many passports? The spinning webs are thickening & getting ever darker as usual.

Retired Engineer
In reply to Willy Bach
At least Willy Bach has got the real issue in focus. Let's no forget that someone was incarcerated, died and was buried by family under great collusion and secrecy by TWO Governments. No good making excuses for whatever the Jews did. We don't really care.
Some of us do care that the Australian government was complicit in it all and has not come clean or even gives he impression that it cares at all.
Politicians! Bah, and a pox on them all. Pity some of them can't be disappeared like Ben Alon or whatever his name was,

This is Antisemitism at "The Conversation" (Part 2)


Because you can obtain an Australian passport (immigration) or born to Jewish academics doesn't automatically make you a ordinary Aussie?
Is this family of post English/French et al intervention into Palestine late 1940's (formation of the state of Israel) Or European Jews... Palestinian Jews?
We have shown "no sympathy" for Australians (passports) that have ventured overseas and got caught up in "difficult situations"like David Hicks...under the Howard government!
The media want to play this because it can be used as an "election issue" Labor not looking after Aussies, that type of B/S!
The parents have gone to "ground" I don't believe they were kept in the dark re: his work therefore, the possibilities of extreme the name of Israel!
The west created "the state" and they have proven "terrorists" of the first order; and we expect what?
This issue is a waste of space and is being used for political purposes. Since the creation of the state of Israel "others" from the middle east have been rushing to get out of the area!
Australia if we support Israel we must expect (with other involvements in the middle east) people wanting refugee status...Abbott's hated boat people!

Peter Ormonde 
Peter Ormonde is a Friend of The Conversation.

In reply to Christopher Seymour
And bloody silent the family should be too - and they should be elsewhere.
Australians don't get themselves entangled with overseas intelligence operations aimed at murder. No different to being a mercenary - even if you are committed to the cause. And that is actually illegal here.
A quiet chat and we send all these folks home I reckon.

Peter Hindrup

Why is it that people can hold dual passports? Isn't it time that --- in thiis case --- Israeli/Jewish people made up their minds as to whether thay are Israeli or Australian citizens?
Why give anybody the comfort of, as in the case of Israelis, they stuff up the neighbourhood, knowing that when it finally explodes they can scammper off to Australia, or wherever esle they have a passport for, leaving the rightful owners to try and clean up the mess?
The question in this instance is why Australia handed out passports in four (sequential) different names. Surely the automatic response would be that this person is (was) misusing his Australian passport?
Some are bemoaning the lack of the Australian governments response, I wonder why they didn't simply cancel the man's passport.

mark delmege

self employed
In reply to Pat Moore
I have no desire to get into a Jewish/Israeli bashing exercise here but PM Gillard has made a point of appearing before Zionist establishments when she has made major speeches. I have often wondered why and can't think of any good reason. It certainly hasn't stopped the establishment from attacking her or the ALP.

Catherine Shirley

Appalling scenario for any person to be detained, ignored by the protection of the law of so-called democratic countries, then die alone in such circumstances.
However, I do question Zygier's upbringing in all of this. Why was he driven to take on the fight of the Jewish state when born and raised in a peaceful country such as Australia? What, or who, persuaded him to take on the fight of a foreign country? Was he simply brain-washed from childhood?
My heart goes out to his wife and small children, but wonder whether his parents will ever regret their decisions?

Peter Ormonde 
Peter Ormonde is a Friend of The Conversation.

In reply to Catherine Shirley
There's something dreadfully biblical in all this ... sacrificing one's son on orders from on high...
Here's what Netanyahu had to say:
"Without citing any specific case, Netanyahu told his cabinet he “absolutely trusts” Israel’s security services and what he described as the independent legal monitoring system under which they operated.
“We are an exemplary democracy…but we are also more threatened, more challenged, and therefore we have to ensure the proper operation of our security branches,” he said in remarks aired by Israeli broadcasters.
“Therefore I ask over everyone: Let the security services continue working quietly so that we can continue to live in safety and tranquility in the State of Israel.”
And this bloke believed him. So did his mum and dad. I wonder if they still believe it.
Safety and tranquility. Straight from the Book of Orwell.

Whyn Carnie

Retired Engineer
Pontificating on the way the jews run their country is not helpful.
They are proud and arrogant and nothing we say or do will divert them from their attemps at reasserting Judaism in the middle east.
What we Australians could pursue is how our Government aided and abetted in this shabby affair. We don't have to be like them. Come on Julia, try hard on this one, it may get you back a few votes.

This is Antisemitism at "The Conversation"


Louise O'Brien

Marketer.Communicator. Observer
In reply to Billy Field
It is all about 'Greater Israel.'
Basically Israel wants to steal the land belonging to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt's land up to the Suez Canal. This will make them the most powerful country in the region and it will put America in the most important location in the centre of world which is why the Americans are behind it.

Billy Field

logged in via Facebook
I saw something somewhere that this whole "Syria/Iran" "intervention" agenda is really about a "smokescreen" to divert attention from Israels "expansionist" & "refusal to settle with Palestinians" agenda.
When one considered it seems to be the "Israel fronts" & lobbies that seem to be doing pushing for this war on Syria (as it was for the Iraq invasion) one must suspect this is why the USA is seemingly backing the Syria rebels....
We need a settlement in Israel/Palestine foe everyone sakes...(except of course profiteers)....The USA can do this in 5mins by telling Israel it will stop "Aid" & do banking sanctions if they don't settle.....Lets move forward PLEASE....I suspect more money & benefit in trade than war for all!!
being and doing
In reply to Che Gorilla
Che Gorrilla I think you are incorrect in your assertions. The project to create a Jewish and Zionist state is long running and was largely financed through the patronization of Rothschild in France.
It is interesting to see them here and supporting the divisions that gave rise to the World Wars on the other hand. So they profit from the Nazi's and from the insertion of the Israeli state at the crossroads of the Eurasian continent.
Elsewhere in this comment stream it is established the manifest criminality of the USA Israel's main and contemporary sponsor. Rather than stabilize the region, the Israel state provides a point of friction and dirty tricks. In league with the USA it has established client relationships with Arabian states dividing the Arab/Muslim civilization. In allowing itself to be divided it shows it's own weakness.
Operation Cast Lead December 2007 White phosphorus;
In terms of legitimacy there appears no hope of negotiating a solution to the Palestine question. Israel has shown no clue that it wants a negotiated peace with the Arabs. The lands that remain nominally Palestinian on the ground are a long way short of the original proposals worked in the UN in the immediate post World War 2 period.
It is difficult to imagine or fantasize Arabia minus Israel as you pose the question. That's not what happened. However the tendency in the larger Muslim states was toward secular democracy. This has been thwarted by powers that prefer elite control.
So ignorance, blindness? To what? All regimes are ruthless in the pursuit of their interest. Yours merely has a large propaganda machine through which to trumpet its case. And obviously has blinkers in respect to its review of the historical record.
What is new in this? Enjoy your Succot, and your move out of the wilderness. The trick is to acknowledge the acceptance you received from the 19th century Palestinians and the treatment you meted out in return. Not much alters whilst we refuse the lessons of history.
Today's Palestinians, yesterday Philistines and Canaanites. Fundamental and theocratic exclusion are apartheid policies whomever wields them.

Peter Hindrup

In reply to Che Gorilla
‘I was about to write another post on the creeping racism in Australian universities, following the ANU's international hate meet this week,’
Hate meet? I guess that I must have fallen asleep, for I was there the entire time and I never heard any ‘hate’. More than a bit about international law and justice, though.
Your rant sounds a lot like the demand in The Australian that the conference ought to have included pro Israel speakers, ignoring the fact that included were Jewish speakers.
It is time that the Zionists understood that actions speak louder than words. Despite the massively funded Israeli PR machine and the recently announced half million US dollar fund set up to have students writing nice things about Israel on the social media and blogs, — find an Australian federal or US politician who has not been on an all expenses paid trip to Israel, or any journalist writing on international affairs — not one, not a single one has been taken across in to the West Bank or Gaza to show them the horrendous results of the Israeli brutality.
In the interests of balance would you not think that this was an absolute necessity?

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Over The Hill And Far Away


Pat Condell gets stuck into the left wing pricks who populate the BBC and Guardian. He could just as easily be talking about the ABC. And Fairfax. At least Fairfax is not compulsory, which I guess is why it is about to go bankrupt.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Letter From Israel

Some good news. Elinor is back after major (and successful) knee revision surgery. You don't realise how much you miss knees ... until you lose one.
  elinor        אלינור   


Medical Report

After only 6 years, one of my knee replacements failed.  My leg began to stick out at a slightly grotesque angle and I was advised to find a surgeon who does revision surgery.  Do you think that’s easy?  The knee surgeons are listed only as knee surgeons, so I consulted the nearest one.  Oh I wouldn’t touch that knee with a pole, he said.  Goodbye, I said.

Number 2 said Yes, you need revision surgery—but I don’t do that.

I entered the office of the third surgeon with an attitude close to hostile:  Hello, I said, I have a question for you.  The wrong answer is going to make your next patient very happy, because I will be outta here in a flash.  He smiled.  Do you do revision knee surgery?  Yes, he said, that forms the majority of my practice.  I sat down.  Only problem was, he did not do that surgery at the small, private hospital I liked. He needed the massive, state hospital in Tel Aviv ‘where the operating rooms are big enough for my whole team’.  Oh my God.

Really ready for repair, I dashed through the acquiring-a-pile-of-papers routine and nailed down my operation date.  Trouble was, it wasn’t.  It was a date for a thorough physical assessment, the best I’d ever had.  When I passed all the tests the resident who was in charge of the process said he was glad, because they would learn a lot from my operation.  Deal with that...

The operation date was delayed by one day because ‘they need to film for TV’ in my operating room.  I later saw a photo of it in the newspaper.  Vast.  The actual operation flew by without my hardly noticing, except for one phenomenon:  Almost everyone spoke Russian.  And almost all the Russians spoke English.  We’re baaaack.

I regained consciousness in a room beside a curtain from which protruded a badly broken ankle, screwed into a cage.  The owner of the ankle was in earnest conversation with a couple of people. I immediately decided to not find out how many kids or grandkids she had, how the ankle was damaged or in fact anything else about that side of the curtain.  Don’t know why; seemed like a good idea.  Also, she had the only TV—with earplugs—and I was enjoying the quiet.  I had a stack of books on my bedside table which, as my mother once said when I began that habit, would kill me if they fell on me.  That’s how I like it and I didn’t miss the TV at all.  From then on we kept our side curtains at a respectful level of closure.

Apparently there were two sons, one who floated past me every morning, brought her coffee and quietly did her bidding until one or the other got fractious.  After a quiet argument, he floated out, ignoring me as I did him.

The other son bounced in less frequently, always said hello to me, then immediately crossed swords with Mum.  One evening he, a female relative and Mum all talked simultaneously for several hours.  As he left he apologised for the noise.  I didn’t mind, I said, but tell me this:  If everyone talks at once, who listens?

The days went by in assorted clouds of pain, usually instigated by hospital personnel who just wouldn’t leave us alone—blood technicians, physiotherapists, nurses changing bandages, surgical rounds...

The one interruption no one enjoyed was mealtime.  In this hospital, twice a day, a hard-cooked egg, yesterday’s chopped ‘fresh’ veg and a tiny container of what’s called cream cheese.  And a cup of eshel, which is a nice basic yogurt drink if you shake it to blazes before drinking it, otherwise the lumps are daunting.  And cooked cereal, over-watered and cold. The tea wasn’t bad, but I like to start my day with coffee.

Lunch was always chicken.  To be fair, one Saturday I was offered meat—just ‘meat’, what a thrill.  It wasn’t particularly good, it just wasn’t chicken.  I suppose the basic idea is to motivate the patient to move to some other source of food, ASAP.  Worked for me.

So finally I was told that I could go home when I could bend my knee 90 degrees.  SOP.  Sitting glumly at the exercise chair with a cloth rope attached to my ankle, drawn under the chair and over my shoulder, trying to get the leg to bend back, I was asked by a physiotherapist:  Do you want to go home?  Oh yes I said.  Really? Yes, yes.  One more hard-cooked egg and I’ll...and he pulled on the cloth.  Very hard.  Before that moment, I had no idea what my grandmother’s mother looked like.  I was stunned, shocked and hurt but by heaven the indicator on the side of the chair said 90°!  My surgeon walked by at that critical moment.  Ah, he said, you’ve done some wonderful work.  Do you want to go home today?  Incapable of speech, I nodded.  And so I did.

The ankle on the other side of the curtain and I were both discharged on the same day.  She left on a gurney, obviously for further surgical intervention.  I decided to yell Good luck as she rolled by.  She waved at me and wished me the same!  So it would seem that we had developed an unspoken regard for each other.  It should only be so in real life...