Saturday, November 3, 2012

Some Questions For "New Matilda"


Just emailed to New Matilda

Dear NM proprietor and editors,

Recently you published an anonymous review of a just published book which purports to be a collection of anonymous statements by former IDF soldiers  set in a racist narrative that leaves no room at all for a Jewish state between "the river and the sea".

Leaving aside the obvious racism of this enterprise how does this square with your publication policy as follows:


New Matilda publishes anonymous material only under exceptional circumstances but if essential, anonymity will be protected.

If any of these accounts are genuine, and I must say some have the ring of truth about them (others are petty or obvious bullshit), then there is no reason these honourable men and women could not tell their stories openly anywhere in the West and especially in Israel. At the very least report it to the authorities.  That would be the honourable thing to do.

Are you seriously suggesting  this is a case where anonymity is essential? Even for yourselves?

Would you kindly explain how?

Because frankly this sounds like an antisemitic conspiracy theory  to me just dripping with moral cowardice

Is it?

Or is it just "antizionist"?

These questions will be put to you in public at my blog. Please feel free to answer there.



Please feel free to explain what publication policy my comment apparently breached as well. Especially given the comments you did publish.

Let me guess.


Under no circumstances will NM publish the self evident truths that antizionism is the new antisemitism and that in the West it is the left that has facilitated the rehabilitation of this vile racist bigotry under the guise that Middle East Jews, most of them refugees from Muslim lands, must be vilified and robbed of their human rights.


  1. For some reason, Geoffff, I do not think that they are going to respond to you here.

    Just a suspicion!


  2. They won't respond either here or in private Mike even though the email of course has my name. Really there is no answer. Nor will they publish my point of view. My guess is they have activated moderation on antizionist threads specifically to exclude me from now on. I think I had my last comment on a thread where someone said the civil war in Syria was a proxy war against Iran.

    They really just cannot accept that to head an anti-Israel thread with what was clearly an account of an action in the Second Intifada war ten years ago and that is a matter of record and can be Googled up in a second is really pretty suss to start with.

    Then to put it in the context of "life under the occupation as usual" never ending reason to vilify the "Zionists"

    And when you actually look at the record of that action it reveals nothing more than more evidence supporting its claim to be the most moral army in the world.

    It could only ever be done anonymously

    This is worth another post.

  3. Sorry; someone said the civil war in Syria was a proxy war against Iran being waged by Israel. The notion is just too idiotic to repeat.