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Dreyfus Downunder

Yehoshua Bar-Hillel, formerly Oscar Westreich (bottom left), with his company in North Africa. They wear the Buffs' Australian slouch hats and defiantly form a Star of David with their rifles

Anyone from an old Australian family can talk about our relatives and I am no exception. The contributions they made to the advancement and defence of our country,  in peace time and in war, and the sacrifices they made.  Common decency forbids it. One thing is for sure. I'll match my family's  record, and  that of Australian Jewry in general, with that  of  AFR international editor, and all round scum bag Tony Walker, any day of the week and any hour of the day.

Right now the Australian military is actively recruiting specialist officers  and others in Britain from the Royal Navy and Air Force made redundant by defence cuts. That in itself should tell you something about the British commitment to the defence of humankind. Let alone Britons.

\How many Brits and New Zealanders are there in our armed forces and for that matter in the security and intelligence agencies?  I would  argue that Australian interests have less in common with Britain than with say, the US and Canada, and that Australian foreign and defence policy are less aligned with either Britain or New Zealand  and that has been the case ever since the Kiwis tore up their part of ANZUS and decided the best policy for them was to bludge off us.

For that matter the Israelis are as well. Can the the Israelis help in this filthy war? Answer the question yourself.

So we shun them. Treat them as aliens as if they are enemies of our state. As if their enemies are not our enemies. Are we insane?

Are these British  recruits  refused Australian passports? Would anybody have the unmitigated gall to accuse these serving officers of suspect loyalties?

I will tell you something else that is true. Anyone who wants to question my loyalty as an Australian had better do it from a distance. Because I'll come looking for you.  Something else. I have never felt more like a stranger in my own country than I do right now.

From  Haaretz. Com 

via The Blank Pages Of The Age

By Gabriel Sassoon
This week, public discourse over the Zygier affair in Australia has reached a fever pitch, this time over Dreyfus-style allegations about the “dual loyalties” of Jewish Australians. The neutral-sounding phrase, which at on first hearing could apply to people of any ethnic or national origin, in practice acts as a canard almost exclusively and reflexively leveled at Jews. 
Implying disloyalty is a convenient − and familiar − way to impugn the integrity of Diaspora Jews. It attacks their very identity. There are legitimate, substantive questions about dual Australian-Israel citizen Ben Zygier’s treatment by the Israelis and his alleged use of an Australian passport for foreign intelligence purposes. These questions, far from being unanswerable, ought to be separated, unpacked, and dealt with. But Zygier isn’t alleged to have worked to undermine Australian interests abroad. Working for a foreign army or intelligence service does not contravene Australian law.

While the Australian security service ‏(ASIO‏) and the Mossad have been embarrassed by the story, the apoplectic reaction from certain elements in the Australian media would drive anyone to believe Zygier had stolen nuclear codes and defected to North Korea. Clearly the Mossad has no monopoly on the use of foreign passports for espionage, but it seems clear that because it’s the Mossad and not the CIA, and because Zygier was a Jew, that the affair has been referred to in terms of a “betrayal” or “double dealing.” The sheer vindictiveness of these accusations brings us to the broader charge of “dual loyalty” against Jewish Australians and other Diaspora Jews.

First, Zygier is one man, and whatever he did or did not do should not be used to impugn the loyalty of all Jews. Jewish Australians are among Australia’s most loyal citizens. They love their country, and regard their Australian identity with deep pride. That is why the blanket intimation of disloyalty made by the Australian Financial Review’s international editor, Tony Walker, stings: “Australian passport holders who enjoy the privileges of citizenship might reflect on the sacrifices made on their behalf over the years by those who fought and died for the country in various conflicts.”

This suggestion of a purely instrumental view of citizenship without duties intentionally ignores the contributions of Jewish Anzacs ‏(Australia and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers in World War I‏) and other Jewish Australians who served in the country’s other wars. Like Gregory Sher, a Jewish Australian soldier killed recently in Afghanistan. Many of these unquestionably loyal Australians were no doubt also great supporters of the Jewish state.

Although this should suffice, for some it is still not enough. Suspicions unlikely to be aired against Australians of French, Greek, British or American extraction have been aired openly and vigorously against Australian Jews. Indeed, one opinion writer has gone so far as to write: “A Jewish person can’t faithfully be Australian and Israeli,” but a week previously, he wrote that “Many Australians would not be alarmed if Australians were serving in Britain’s MI6 or America’s CIA, or with other allies.”

A simmering suspicion of Jews, and especially of pro-Israel Jews, remains. The dual loyalty canard always contains elements of anti-Semitism. The accusers are often from among a certain class of estranged Jews who seek to loudly “prove” their loyalty to their adoptive country by casting suspicion on other Jews’ loyalty. But you only have to read the online reader feedback − much of it so hateful it beggars belief − to observe how the basest elements in society have responded to the Judeophobia of the “dual loyalty” mob.

It is simply un-Australian to query the loyalty of a group of citizens on the basis of their ethno-religious/national affiliation. And it should be truly unacceptable to attack all Jewish Australians on the basis of the alleged actions of just one man. Without marginalizing these views, we are incapable of dealing with the substantive issues of the Zygier case in the serious, rational way it deserves. 
Gabriel Sassoon was a campaign coordinator for the Labor Party in the last election and served as public affairs director for Advancing Human Rights, a New York-based NGO. He is Australian and lives in Tel Aviv.

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Naim Qassem Dead Meat?


There's always the prospect of a bit of good news if you go hunting for it.

Another one of them might be on his way to deadman paradise and with any luck the head Nazi in Lebanon might have cancer.

Rebels claim Naim Qassem killed in bombing on Lebanon-Syria border; Hezbollah denies that he was injured.

Hezbollah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem
Hezbollah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem Photo: REUTERS

Hezbollah's deputy chief Naim Qassem was killed Tuesday when Syrian rebels bombed a convoy consisting of high-ranking Syrian government officers near the Lebanon border, news portal Now Lebanon quoted the Free Syria Army as saying on Wednesday.
“It has been confirmed... that Hezbollah’s number two man died after [receiving] a serious injury,” the Free Syria Army posted on its Twitter account.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

End the Occupation of the Jews in the Middle East

Mike L.

{Cross-Posted at Israel Thrives and Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers.}

I know that this is a radical notion, particularly in the violent Arab-Muslim Middle East, but I recommend that the majority non-Jewish population in that part of the world, both the governments and the people, cease trying to murder the Jews and end their theocratically-based occupation of the Jewish people.

I do not see anyone else recommending this obvious solution to what Harvard Professor, Ruth Wisse, calls the Arab war against the Jews, but I thought that I might put it forward.  The Middle East is a vast area.  It's huge.  Within it is the majority Arab-Muslim population that constitutes something close to 400 million people.  A much smaller population is the Christian population, but they are leaving the area, an area that largely belonged to Christians for many centuries, because of religious hatred toward them.  Certainly the Copts in Egypt are among the most abused population in that part of the world and they are departing because of chronic abuse by the majority Muslim population.

The Jews, of course, are another matter.  We used to be spread throughout the region, but after we established Jewish autonomy on Jewish land in the State of Israel our rather intolerant Arab-Muslim cousins booted us out of our homes in places like Egypt and Iraq and Lebanon and thereby compelled Jewish aliyah to Israel shortly after the re-founding of our national homeland.

The truth is that the tiny minority of Jews in the Middle East have been under Arab-Muslim imperial domination for thirteen of the last fourteen centuries.  (That's a very long time, by the way.)  Throughout the first thirteen of those centuries we were largely something akin to slaves within the Muslim colonial system of dhimmitude.  We were abused as second and third-class citizens by a people who held us in theological contempt, and although dhimmitude varied in its degree of malice from time to time and place to place, we never had it better than Black people did under the system of Jim Crow in the United States.  Malice toward Jews is hard-coded in the Koran and, in fact, is stressed in the opening sentences of that particular book.

What I say is that it should stop.

I understand that ending violent, genocidal Arab-Muslim hatred toward Jews is inconceivable for most people, particularly western "progressives" many of whom honestly believe that the Jews richly deserve whatever beating we get, but I request that you consider it.  It does not take that much of a stretch of the imagination to consider the possibility that maybe, finally, the Jews do not really deserve the never-ending aggression toward us.

Think of it this way:

The Jews are a tiny minority amongst a much larger, generally hostile, majority population who have within living memory come through the slaughter of one-third our number in Europe, in part because the Arabs did not want us to escape from Europe to Palestine.   After thirteen centuries of perpetual abuse the Jews of the Middle East gained their freedom because the allies defeated Germany and the imperial Ottoman Empire in World War I and because us Jews, ourselves, fought for our own freedom within our historical homeland.

Once the Jews of the Middle East secured their freedom, and the defeat of dhimmitude, the larger Arab-Muslim majority in the region declared war upon us and that war continues to this day.  The stages of the Long Arab War Against the Jews in the Middle East are as follows:
Phase 1, 1920 - 1947: Riots and Massacres

Phase 2, November 1947 - April 1948: The Civil War in Palestine

Phase 3, 1948 - 1973: Conventional Warfare

Phase 4, 1964 - Present: The Terror War

Phase 5, 1975 - Present: The Delegitimization Effort
This war has resulted in the relative impoverishment of the Palestinian-Arabs who refuse to accept the fact that the Palestinian-Jews have, after 2,000 years, regained our national home.  If they would kindly reconcile themselves to the fact of the State of Israel they could go about making their lives better for themselves, their children, and their grandchildren and would be gratefully accepted by the Jewish population within Israel.

The western left, including G-d Knows how many western Jews, tend to believe that the reason that Arabs throw rocks at Jews is because the Jews have been mean to the Arabs.  This is false.  Arabs throw rocks at Jews out of Koranically-based race hatred toward the Jewish people, just as they have always done, combined with an intense bigoted resentment toward the fact of Jewish sovereignty on Jewish land.  This is why the Palestinian-Jews have placed check-points and a security barrier between themselves and much of the Palestinian-Arab population.  What the Arabs call the "occupation" is merely Jewish measures of self-defense and nothing else.

We are free now and we intend to stay free.

The Day of the Dhimmi is Done and when the greater Arab-Muslim majority accepts this fact then the long Arab War Against the Jews of the Middle East will end and the lives of the Palestinian-Arabs will greatly improve.

I say, give it a shot.  If Barack Obama did not encourage otherwise, the United States and the west could promote Arab liberality toward us.

The Arab acceptance of Jewish sovereignty on Jewish land is the only possible hope for peace, after all.

Until that day comes the Palestinian-Arabs will continue to ruin themselves and they will do so at the encouragement of their own leaders and at the encouragement of their cruel fellows in the greater Arab-Muslim world.

Can there be any doubt?

Che Gorilla

What do these men have in common?

British fascism alive and well and as depraved as ever.

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Store GD OE5Melbourne Central
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Beautifully presented gourmet chocolate gifts, Kosher Chalavi from Israel, under the hashgacha of the Nazareth Illit Rabbinate
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Cambridge Cellars207 Balaclava Road
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Introducing... Dalton, Binyamina and the leading Israeli boutique Wineries. 
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The Como Centre
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Dead Sea
tel: 1800 226 409
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Beauty MineralMalvern Central
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Bunnings StoresStores located all over MelbourneZAGIndustries - Tool boxes, organisers.
Technoplast - Pack N Away storage boxes, plastic shelving, kneelers, leaf collectors.
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Gumexpo - doormats.
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ZAGIndustries - Tool boxes, organisers.
Technoplast - Pack N Away storage boxes, plastic shelving, kneelers, leaf collectors.
Yafit - 75 Lt Tub, 22 Lt Tub, Step Stool, Laundry Basket and Laundry Hamper.
Gumexpo - doormats.
Lotemplast -doormats and bathmats.
Upex - garden pots and multi box.
Humi - storage bins.
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K-MartStores located all over MelbourneGumexpo - doormats
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Supercheap Auto StoresStores located all over MelbourneTechnoplast & Storage and Garden ware - Pack N Away storage boxes, plastic shelving, kneelers, leaf collectors.

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Antique Silver Company253 Carlisle Street
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Direct Imports Pty Ltd963 Glenhuntly Road
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Games WorldChadstone Shopping Centre
Shop 256, 1341 Dandenong Road
Chadstone 3148
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Buki Activity Books Rummikub Games
Golds World of Judaica3-13 Williams Street
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Jewish Museum Shop of Australia26 Alma Road
St. Kilda 3182
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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Greens Did It

Mount Warning Hotel


Around these parts it has been raining continuously and for the most part torrentially for about fourteen days, day and night, and there is no end in sight.

Except for one day. Saturday 23 February 2013. A beautiful bright sunny day and clear starry night.

So what happens?

The historic Uki pub burns down.

A photo by Paul Robertson, shared to the Tweed police Facebook page, shows the pub ablaze.

This is a tragedy on a scale that mere words are unable to convey. It requires a month of fasting, the rending of clothes and the synchronised communal gnashing of teeth.

I blame The Greens for all the bad weather. Why shouldn't I? They blame everyone else.

They are probably responsible for the fire as well. People drinking ice cold beer, listening to live music and having fun? Stop it. It offends Sharia and there has to be a carbon footprint in there somewhere.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

We Are Not Alone

Quadrant Online


Some great stuff from Quadrant Online

Sometimes it seems a lonely fight but we are not alone.

It is good to be reminded of that

Australia's Answer To Pat Condell


All is not lost while we still have young people in our country like this one.

For some reason I can't front page his latest video on Geert Wilders but the link is here.

Do listen to what he has to say on that link while you can. I have a horrible feeling YouTube will silence him soon enough.

And congratulations to Pat Condell for the inspiration to us all.

cross posted Israel Thrives

Friday, February 22, 2013

What about their secrecy?


An excellent piece at J- Wire.

As if there has never been a death in custody in an Australian prison.

As if Australia laws do not allow for trials " in camera" for people accused of national security crimes.

As if there has never been such trials even in peace time.

The Ben Zygier case: Questions that not even the journalists are asking…a J-Wire editorial

February 22, 2013
Read on for article
As intriguing as the Ben Zygier case undoubtedly is, there is perhaps an additional, unstated reason it has attracted the level of media frenzy we have seen over the last two weeks.  The entire incident raises searing questions about the ethics and responsibilities of journalists. 
Ben Zygier   Photo provided and copyright
Ben Zygier Photo provided and copyright
Journalists routinely berate governments for maintaining secrecy about security matters.  Some of them seek to penetrate that secrecy, despite the obvious risks to the lives of agents, and to the success of the operations in which they are involved, that ensue when security leaks occur. Wikileaks has been responsible for some notable examples.
Yet when it comes to divulging their own sources of information, journalists are far more secretive than any government, and with considerably less justification.  For a journalist to divulge the identity of a source of information might expose that source to adverse consequences, but what consequence could be more adverse than loss of life?
Journalists must of course keep their sources strictly confidential, but their failure to respect the need of others for confidentiality – especially in security matters when lives are usually at stake – reeks of hypocrisy.
Let it not be forgotten that the chain of events that led to Ben Zygier’s death began in late 2009 with the leaking of information to a journalist – Fairfax’s Jason Koutsoukis – about Ben, his various name changes and alleged Mossad activities.   For all the media hype, here are the salient questions, most of which journalists are NOT asking:
  1. Who leaked the information about Ben Zygier’s to Jason Koutsoukis?
  2. What was the leaker’s true purpose in doing so?
  3. What was Jason Koutsoukis told was the leaker’s purpose?
  4. What precisely was the “information” that was leaked?
  5. Was Koutsoukis led to believe that Ben Zygier had used his Australian passport unlawfully?  If so, did this belief turn out to be true or false?
  6. Why was Fairfax’s Koutsoukis picked as the recipient of the leak(s) instead of, say, Murdoch’s John Lyons, or some other journalist?
  7. What effect did the leak(s) have in leading to Ben Zygier’s arrest and ultimate death in custody in Israel?
The dark corners of the world of journalism are every bit as murky as those of the world of espionage. This should not come as a surprise.  The activities of the two worlds are not unrelated. Even accepting, as I do, that Ben Zygier died by his own hand, I cannot help wondering how many other hands around the world are stained with his blood.
Henry Benjamin [Editor]

Is This The Best Debut Post Ever?


At friend blog Israel Thrives there has been this post from new contributor Empress Trudy that I am pleased to repost in full. Read it all. It says it all.

Empress Trudy

{Editor's note - Israel Thrives is pleased to announce that Empress Trudy is the latest writer to grace our pages.  Trudy is, I am happy to say, a solid, strong, and knowledgeable supporter of the Jewish State of Israel and I am very much looking forward to her participation going forward.  Please welcome our newest contributor. - Mike L.}

I've been looking at the news this week. Prisoner X, a report by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry applauding 'opening of probes into the matter' and reports in Ha'aretz that 'information is being drowned out by hate speech'. Information which clearly points out that he was a traitor, he sold or gave information to a foreign government, he was tried and convicted, he was given a false name for his own protection and the protection of his family, his family was notified, the Australian government was notified, the Israeli courts were notified and he wound up hanging himself with a bed sheet. And all of this seemingly points, to the liberal left, of the horrors of the Jews and their brutal treatment of people and puppies and the planet.

I've been reading about the 3rd or 4th very public speech Chuck Hagel made lamenting the evil Jews and their apartheid, a report in EoZ that quotes some Lebanese 'academic', Sari Hanafi, who accuses the Jews of killing 'space itself'. Yeah me neither, who knows?

I'm reading how one of the Cardinals in the running for Pope, Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras, is a naked and outspoken antisemite, blaming the “Jews” for the sexual offenses of Catholic priests.

I'm reading that unsurprisingly, Honest Reporting tallied that in 2010 68% of their Op-Eds were anti Israel, 32% were blandly neutral and 2 columns in total could be called pro Israeli.

I was looking at the IDF COGAT website's PDF reports that showed 47 thousand tons of material and goods shipped into Gaza this month, 279 tractor trailer trucks alone last week; there are the obligatory screams of 'blockade!” and such.

And of course the fallout from 60 Minutes favorite anti Israeli partisan, Bob Simon, who indicated that because of Iron Dome, somehow Jews not volunteering to commit suicide is itself some form of crime against humanity.

And I concluded that all our hasbara, itself now a dirty word on blogs like CNN or Huffington Post, all our efforts to get the word out, to speak the truth, every polite comment and studied response is not only a complete failure it's never been in the same world as the Arabs. It's not built to fight that battle it needs to win. It doesn't understand what the battle even is.

The Arabs win because they have a brilliant simple impenetrable strategy. It consists of one word. Occupation. One word. That's it. That's their response to every question every comment every news byte, every complaint, every fact. Occupation, or some variation on that single word - “apartheid”, “illegal”, “barrier”, “blockade”. Complain about rockets? “Occupation”. Bus bombing? “Occupation”. Killing 'collaborators'? “Occupation”. And so on to the millionth degree. The great beauty is that it's stupid, it's easy to chant, it's vague, it means whatever you like, it's angry and self righteous and it defeats all attempts to argue with it. It's like shouting 'racist' when you run out of energy to talk about US domestic policy. It's meant to shut you up. It is the self proving accusation. And it goes to the core of 2000 years of antisemitism. The same J'accuse!. The same unfounded unhinged supernal cosmic hatred. The screams of “Occupation!” exist outside of fact and history, outside of reality. This is what makes them so hard to defeat so hard to argue with. It's not meant to BE argued with. You can't engage an opponent who starts out by saying everything in your whole being is illegal, wrong, racist and a lie. You can't confront a million repetition of 'Zionazi' with calm lists of facts proving otherwise.

We live in many ways, in post-factual world. The recently dead 'historian' Howard Zinn, Marxist, communist and occasional anarchist, revisionist, hater of America and Israel and author of one of the most heavily used college history textbook in America once said, and I paraphrase, I don't care about historical accuracy, I care about politics, my political agenda. That is what he was selling. He was selling propaganda, not history. He was selling revisionism. He, like fellow 'historian' Gar Alperovitz openly talked about their own revisionist views and agendas. So that Hiroshima became a specifically racist war crime and Israel became a racist colonial invasion. An Occupation.

But what do we Zionists do in this so called 'post Zionist' world? We argue politely. We tabulate facts, we footnote. We quibble about international law. No one cares about international law. International law is war by other means. France has stated numerous times that they use the UN and international law as a bludgeon to push their own foreign policy because it allows them to punch far above their weight otherwise. There is no international law. Arguing what Arthur Goldberg thought about in the precise language of Res 242, whether he meant 'the' or not is utter silliness. It means nothing. It misses the point, it is a distraction.

I'm reminded of a movie. The remake of “The Stepford Wives” made a few years back with Chris Walken and Glenn Close. Ms. Close's character, talking about her project says “While women were becoming men, men were becoming GODS.” The women were fighting the wrong war. They won the battle and lost everything.

This is where we are today. We Jews, we Zionists, we're arguing and parsing and footnoting. We're pointing out to every screaming maniac waving a sign telling us to be gassed “Oh no you have that wrong historically, that's too mean to say.” We're fighting the wrong war. We're justifying ourselves to ourselves. We feel good about feeling good about it. We think right is on our side and eventually we will win out because people are fundamentally sane and good and just.

5,000 years of blood guzzling insanity would tend to demonstrate that's not the case. People aren't good, they're sort of good, or good enough, to some people, some of the time. They're occasionally just but mostly they're expedient. They're parochial. People are typically sane but groups of people rarely are. They are mobs and herds. Go read Elias Canetti's “Crowds and Power” if you're curious about that.

But all of this is incidental. The point is, what do we say, what do we do? How to manage the old ladies and geezers marching around outside of a performance of an Israeli dance company while they wave their Palestinian flags. We bring it to them. We have one answer. Mass Murder. Terrorism. Child Killing. Torture. Wife Beating. Terrorism, violence, murder. That's our answer. Why is there a fence? Terrorism. Why are there berms and checkpoints in Yesha? Terrorism. It matters to NO ONE that the number of those checkpoints has been reduced 90% to 27, only 12 of which are even manned. Maybe my numbers are slightly off but not by much. Arguing there are 'only' 12 is a waste of time. The correct answer is Terrorism, murder, shooting pregnant women. That's the answer. The only answer.

There are NO settlements. That's not the answer. There are Jews who live in suburbs in Yesha, 90% of whom are closer to downtown Jerusalem than almost anyone in America drives to Starbucks. But that is also not the answer. The correct answer is “You're savages who murder our women and children wherever they live whether you suffer to permit that or not.”

Why are there closely controlled crossing points that abut Gaza? Terrorism. There are no restrictions for non-terrorists. There are plenty of restrictions to terrorists. “Collective Punishment?” Terrorism and mass murder. It doesn't matter how many sick Gazans are treated in Israeli hospitals for free. It could be one person or all of them. Irrelevant. Not worth the time spent mentioning. Woman goes into labor waiting to cross into Israel? Because your people wage indiscriminate mass murder. No further explanation is required.

We live in a post-factual world. We live in a world where the IDF sends field hospitals to Haiti and Jenny Tonge in the UK House of Lords accuses Jews of stealing livers from living people. Israel has more legal gay rights than even the UK and Code Pink accuses them of 'pink washing'. It's not worth discussing because it's not supposed to be discussed. It's a hand grenade. Desmond Tutu accuses Israel of apartheid knowing with 100% absolute certainty he is lying about it. And on every college campus some angry group of overfed undereducated fools 'debates' whether Israel even has the right to exist. Not Worth Discussing. The correct answer is mass murdering terrorist psychopaths. If that's who they're rooting for, stand up and be counted!

Our response should be simple, it should be direct and it should be uncompromising. And it needs to be repeated a hundred million million times, banged into the mob's head until it's so familiar they think they thought of it in the first place.

I remember hearing once that more words had been written about Clinton-Lewinsky than the total output of all human endeavors in the history of the world from the invention of cave drawings to the year 1900. I don't know if that's true. It sounds true. But that's what matters in the end. This goes up to eleven.

Giving The Greens The "One Nation Treatment" --- con't


Some time ago this blog had this to say about the Australian Greens.

The Greens are as dead as a belly up cane toad  on a country road in  winter

They just don't know it yet. These poisonous little critters can keep jumping for a while as every Queenslander can tell you. They are dead because they have been outed for the ugly gang of noxious extremists they are. More to the point the ALP has belatedly realised that the Greens are just as much their political enemies as they are enemies of the Australian people.

The alliance was a huge mistake for the ALP.  They  would have been better off in opposition.

The major parties must preference this vile mob of racists last. They owe it to the country to rid us of this inner city street vermin as soon as it can be done.

Meanwhile at Catallaxy Files on a recent open forum thread there was this observation on the Milne Press Club address that deserves to be reproduced in full. Without doubt the comment of the month on any blog.  

  1. Watching ABC 24 while having lunch, I noticed that someone had snuck up on Tubbsy while she was baying at the moon, shot her with a tranquiliser dart, and pointed her at the Press Club.
    And then the hilarity started.
    She tipped a gigantic bucket of purest sh*t on Gillard, then went into an abbottabbottabbott frenzy and chewed the carpet until her handlers cudgelled her back to the podium. Aside from humping every married unionist (one would not use the word ‘men’ for such creatures), screeched this Greater Australian Loon (Latrator Luna Vespertilio), The Lying Slapper is also humping the entire Australia mining industry, it howled. This was followed by a second abbottabbottabbott frenzy which saw severe damage done to a table-leg. Tasered once more into submission and secured to the podium with a dog-chain (rabid dogs for the restraint of), this thing tipped a second bucket of sh*t on to The Lying Slapper, snarling that ‘da twayta’ Gillard had walked away from her deal with the greenfilth to exchange bodily secretions with every miner in the nation, so The Lying Slapper could take her agreement with the greenfilth, fold it until it was all pointy bits, dust it with ground glass and ram it where the sun don’t shine. Sans lube.
    Brought up short by her tamer with a cattle prod to the freckle, Tubbsy went into a third abbottabbottabbott frenzy, savaging a chair and cocking her leg on the wall before guaranteeing both supply for the Slapper and the fastest possible double dissolution trigger for an incoming Abbott government by utterly refusing to permit the mining or carbon taxes to be repealed. After a final abbottabbottabbott frenzy which included hurling her own excreta at the walls, the creature demanded tremendous new spending on everything up to and including publicly funded fluffers for endangered species participating in critterporn movies.
    A gobsmacked media, cowering behind a barricade of upturned tables, threw the odd softball question at the snarling, spitting, bodily-waste hurling creature whirling as a dervish in front of them like a demented Tasmanian devil on crack, but most of the replies were an unintelligible sh*tstorm of broken wails and bestial screams. Among the word fragments heard were ‘abbottabbottabbott’, ‘carbintaxforevah’, ‘abbottabbottabbott’, ‘gaiagaiagaiaoioioi’, ‘abbottabbottabbott’, ‘juliarfatslagshagsminers’, ‘abbottabbottabbott’, ‘laborscumverminfilthracetraitorsHEILgaia’ and ‘abbottabbottabbott’.
    The creature’s handlers then returned her to her cage atop the parliament house flagpole, where the deep sound of her baying now echoes across Capitol Circle as she salutes the rising moon in the manner of her type of genetic reject.
    Mk50 of Brisbane
    19 Feb 13 at 5:53 pm
  2. So good to see there are others who have about as much esteem for this crowd as those around here and the eloquence to say so.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Israel fears for Tunisia's Jews

Mike L.

North African country's Jewish community suffering from wave of anti-Semitic attacks, including shattered gravestones, fiery protests and verbal violence. Israel urges world to intervene in crisis

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has instructed Israel's representatives abroad to ask the international community to pressure Tunisian government officials to safeguard the North African country's Jewish community, heritage and property.

The order was issued following fears for Tunisia's 2,000 Jews due to the hostile anti-Israel atmosphere in the country and anti-Semitic statements made by religious clerics.

Some 80 gravestones have been desecrated and plundered in Tunisia's Jewish cemeteries over the past month. Tunisian Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali condemned the desecration of the cemetery in the city of Sousse, noting that security forces were working to prevent additional attacks on Jewish tombs.

"There appears to be an increase in anti-Semitic statements among local religious clerics and cases of public incitement against Jews," says a report written by Gideon Bachar, head of the Foreign Ministry's Department for Combating Anti-Semitism.

"For example, when Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh's visited Tunisia in 2012, he was greeted by masses chanting, 'Kill the Jews.' Additional incidents included the torching of a Jewish synagogue, a demonstration outside the main synagogue in the city of Tunis, and the use of Israeli flags as a rag at the entrance to the toilet at the Tunis-Carthage Airport."

"There are times in the course of history when the actions of ordinary citizens spark movements for change because they speak to a longing for freedom that has been building up for years. In America, think of the defiance of those patriots in Boston who refused to pay taxes to a King, or the dignity of Rosa Parks as she sat courageously in her seat." - Barack Obama (May 19, 2011)

"It has been less than two years since a vendor in Tunisia set himself on fire to protest the oppressive corruption in his country, and sparked what became known as the Arab Spring. Since then, the world has been captivated by the transformation that has taken place, and the United States has supported the forces of change." - Barack Obama before the UN General Assembly (September 25, 2012)

Yes. Yes. Yes.  I know.  It's not Obama's fault and nothing that he does, or doesn't do, matters if it has negative consequences.  He's a great president and the very best friend that the Jewish people have ever had in the history of the world.

Just because Barack Obama supports a deeply hate-filled and genocidally anti-Semitic political movement is no reason for Jewish people to disagree with his policies.  Of course, I understand that Obama's Jewish supporters will tell us that he doesn't support this movement despite the fact that he, himself, claims otherwise.  Look just because he supports the "Arab Spring" and the "Arab Spring" is the rise of political Islam it doesn't mean that he supports political Islam, only the "Arab Spring."

The "Arab Spring" is a good thing.  Forget all those news reports that we've been hearing over the last few years of riots and rapes and murders and general chaos and blood-shed and shrieking calls for the genocide of the Jews.  The "Arab Spring" is more like Rosa Parks sitting courageously on her bus or, maybe, like "those patriots in Boston who refused to pay taxes to a King."

It must be true.

Barack Obama told me so.