Monday, November 19, 2012

International Law 402 ... From the racist left twittery



Clayton Swisher

Hamas rocket landed in illegal Gush Etzion settlement near Jerusalem.Legitimate resistance against occupation under 4th Geneva Convention.


Clayton Swisher styles himself a journalist. The Guardian likes him. The left/liberals admire him. He has written a book on Camp David.  He is an expert on Israel and the "Palestinians". 

As such he is an expert in international law. Even though he has no legal qualifications  or experience whatsoever from anywhere in the world. Aren't they all?

This is what this lying racist grub has just twitted about the murder of Jews. 

Perhaps this is in fact a fair analysis of the current state of international law. Certainly it is through the prism of the Islamists and  the Israel hating leftists. 

That's cool. But Clayton Swisher has overlooked something very important and fundamental about legal principle. If innocent civilians in Kfar Etzion are legitmate targets then most certainly so is Clayton Swisher.

That's the sort of rule of law that the Western left are demanding. 

 hat tip Honestreporting 

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