Saturday, November 24, 2012

Got eight minutes? Have an opinion on Gaza? Listen to this man.


Even if you only have two minutes you should listen. Probably the first minute sums it all up ...

This is Colonel Richard Kemp the former commander of British forces in Afghanistan.

This is an expert opinion that everyone who has an opinion  on the dispute between Israel and Hamas riddled    Gaza owe it to themselves to hear. Indeed all those who are so incessantly outspoken on the broader dispute between Israel and the "Palestinians" and the whole god damn Islamist riddled Middle East from Iran to Egypt for that matter.

Especially those who have brought expert opinion to bear to condemn Pillar of Defence from the first hours. Theologians for example, or academics who were so quick to condemn the operation as not in accord with theological or international law.

Which theology would that be? Surely not Christian?.  What international  law would that be? Sharia?

A huge hat tip to blog friend Shirl in Oz who has just emailed me this. Thanks Shirl. You are worth your weight in harlequin opals.

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