Sunday, November 18, 2012

Israel under attack ...... elinor


In the early hours of this Sabbath, the IDF carefully removed Ismail Hanea’s office in Gaza from existence, along with the building in which it was located. Oh there will be more than rumours of war I thought, when I read this news on the Internet.

This afternoon my 49-year-old son-in-law--who'd received his final discharge from the IDF when he was 45--was drafted. True, as a pharmacist, not an infantry grunt, but nevertheless. Moreover, if they do a lot of that, the practising pharmacist population of Israel will be mostly Arabs. They do well in pharmacy school and seem to have little trouble finding work as the ever mushrooming pharmaceutical chain stores require large numbers of licensed graduates. Some fine irony there.

Planes still flying over our small town, which seldom hears one and certainly not on the Sabbath. Interesting. Where are they going? Fly across Israel in three minutes, counting buckling the seat belt. From Tel Aviv one can walk to Gaza, if one is in good shape. Bombing raids? We’ll find out...

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