Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Israel Report 20 November 4.45 pm (Australia) ... elinor


As they say on the news, Day _ of the War. Found out why there were planes overhead all day and most of the night: They’ve been rerouted away from the coast and instructed to fly over us. Kinda makes one proud. If Air SuchandSuch thinks our airspace is safe, one would assume we are. More or less.

Had to travel out of here by train the other day. Only four stops down, then caught a cab. You missed it, the young driver smirked. No one has to ask what one missed. Actually, they missed it too, but they caught Code Red. Twice.

Why wasn’t the taxi driver called up? Hearing aids, both ears. I did my time, he said--those tanks are noisy. And we worry about our children and their rock music.

The trains are relatively empty. Coming home at dinner time—usually not a good choice—was easy. Grocery stores are not busy. The economy of Israel must be going to hell. In fact, as of yesterday, the estimated cost was NIS 1.1 billion a week. Who can afford a war?

The greatest cost of war is emotional. Kids terrified by every loud noise, shelters ugly and boring, parents at their wits’ end, not knowing what else to do. How can one tell a child who lives in the south, It’s over, don’t worry anymore? Rockets have been falling around them all their lives.

Did you see Khaled Mishal on TV? They started it, he said. Like we would have something to gain from bombing Gaza without their rockets falling over Israel...

Egypt says they've 'almost' brokered a truce. Talk about the fox in the hen house--everyone at that meeting is Muslim except our representative. Good luck to him.

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