Thursday, November 22, 2012

Israel Report 21 November 11.40 pm (Australia) elinor


If a call comes in with the prefix 059, 099 or 000—don’t answer. Apparently this is how the terrorists will know that someone is at home and try to bomb the location. Somehow I don’t think it applies to this place but it scares me to think that the friend who sent the warning e-mail and who lives on a moshav might be a target.

You heard? Yah, I heard. If you haven’t heard, a few words: Bomb. Tel Aviv. Bus. If you have, there’s no need. Then begins the checking with everyone you know who might have been, could have been, shouldn’t have been in or around the bus explosion in Tel Aviv—but you won’t know until you check and you can’t rest until you do.

I had rung a new friend to invite her for lunch. Half-way through the hellos she said I’m in Tel Aviv, I’ll call you later. Sure. Courtesy is amorphous and situational in war; no one can stand on ceremony when the sands of Tel Aviv are shifting under our feet.
It would seem that the cease fire...well, it’s complicated.

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