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Che Goes Back To University ...


A human rights activist at a university?

How quaint. Just like the seventies. How long before he is outed?


Che Gorilla has been let loose on another thread at The Conversation 

You may recall Che took control of this blog's Ministry for Inter-Blog Relations and Political Affairs after the last election. Just like Hamas there is not a thing that can be done about it,

The article is here.
Another expert opinion on international law from the arm chair..


The United States and Australia made it clear during the war that they stood firmly with Israel. No objections to Israel’s disproportionate use of force. No condemnation of civilian death during Israel’s air raids. No questioning of the Israeli interpretation of self-defence. The Obama administration found the perfect opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to the special bi-lateral relationship which had become somewhat of a hot topic during the electoral campaign. But this was not a campaign trick. This reaffirmation came after Obama’s electoral victory and pointed to an established pattern of pro-Israeli policies which has been the subject of heated debate in the United States.
For its part, Israel demonstrated once again that it has no regard for international law. The Israeli leadership and the great majority of the Israeli public work on the assumption that the world is ready to sacrifice Israel. This is the dominant political point of view, with obvious reference to the WWII experience and regenerated through institutionalised reminders of the Holocaust. Consequently, Israel has simply ignored UN rejection of its occupation of Palestinian lands.

and so on...
read it all in fairness to the man

Says Che:

Che Gorilla

Human Rights Activist
It is simply untrue to say that Pillar of Defense was in breach of international law. No respectable legal expert could say that.
To conclude as the writer has done is to consciously exclude the remaining Jews of the Middle East from having any legal or human rights. Though most of them are descended from Jews once wide spread through Muslim lands but dispossessed and now concentrated in one remarkable little country
We have just witnessed the most moral and strictly legal military operation in the history of the world. It has left military tacticians everywhere quietly astonished. Ask anyone at the ADF what they think of this.
On the other hand Hamas and its vile allies have carried out appalling war crimes that in a sane world would see their leaders dragged before the ICC.
Those that are left.
Go to this blog and in particular spend eight minutes listening to Colonel Richard Kemp for an expert military opinion on this operation. No military man in the West would disagree.
With that evidence no judge in the West could convict Israel of war crimes. Not if she was an honourable person.
Israel has far more respect for the rights of the civilian population of this vile and illegal regime in Gaza than the regime does.
If you are going to pictures of a family accidentally killed then why not include images of kids killed by Hamas misfires?
Like this one

Hamas and its Salafist and al-Qaeda allies are as guilty of crimes so barbaric that charges of genocide should be among those considered at the ICC.
Firing missiles from under the shelter of one civilian population into another.
Cowards and war criminals of the worst kind. They should be given no pass in any civilised land under the true rule of law.

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