Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Time To Take Out Hamas Once And For All


There is about to be a major military operation by the IDF against Hamas.  

You will be lied to about the causes of this and no turd will be left untossed by the professional haters of Israel and their lick spittle seekers of fashion in the universities and the left/liberal media.  The lying and shit throwing are part of this war as it is every war; not to mention the spittle licking.

The truth is in front of our noses as it usually is. Take a moment to reflect on what Israel is up against. Then tell me whether or not this little country is fighting our war as well as its own; or at least a disproportionate share of it. 

Can you imagine how the world would look if Israel was to lose her fight?  


  1. I'm with you brother about the need to take out Hamas, but right no before we send our (and mine) boys into an awaiting vipers nest, hows about we turn off the electricity and fuel tap that we unconscionably continue to supply them. dafuk is it that in the middle of this war, let alone at any time, we are supplying our enemies with their electricity and their fuel.
    The world will scream, but so what, how about leaders willing to withstand the condemnation that comes regardless of what we do, in favor of saving the blood of our best of the best.
    Turn off the damn lights!
    And before you ask, my own reserve unit is waiting for our call-up.

    1. I'm with you too brother and all the very best to you and yours.

      What ever the Israelis decide to do is OK with me.

      Sure the world will scream. They always do but for what it's worth there are a few of us yelling right back.