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New Matilda Broadside On Israel And The Jews --- (Part 1)


New Matilda is firing everything it has on behalf of Hamas in the propaganda war against Israel and the Jews. These are in no particular order. This blog's reply follows.


24 Jul 2014

Israel And The Art Of War, Spin And Slaughter

By Michael Brull

The real story about the destruction of Gaza by Israel, and the targetting of civilians, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure must be told. Michael Brull explains.
As Israel’s attack on Gaza continues, the bodies pile up. As one might expect from the balance of military power, the bodies are overwhelmingly Palestinian.
According to the most recent statistics at time of writingfrom the United Nation’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Israel has killed 599 Palestinians.
These include at least 443 civilians, and 147 children, with the possible combatant or civilian status of 69 dead Palestinians not yet established.
At that point, 28 Israelis had been killed, 26 of them soldiers.
Comparatively, this meant that at least 74 per cent of the Palestinians killed by Israel were civilians.
However, only 7 per cent of the Israelis killed by Palestinians have been civilians so far.
For every one Israeli killed, about 21 Palestinians have been killed. And 15, maybe more of those 21 are always civilians.
Besides this, Israel has been systematically targeting civilian infrastructure in its bombardment.
For example, the latest OCHA report notes that Israel bombed “the Al Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir El Balah, destroying the top two floors, killing three people, and injuring over 40. Since the start of the emergency at least 18 medical facilities have been hit by airstrikes and shelling.”
One of these facilities was a hostel for people with disabilities

The rest is here
This blog's comment:

Posted Sunday, July 27, 2014 - 17:08
Not enough attention is paid to the strange phenomenon of antisemitic Jews. 
It is likely antisemitism occurs among "Jews" and people of Jewish descent in about the same frequency as it does in the general population. 
There are many reasons for this but without question a huge influence is that antisemitism has been  a threshold qualification for admission to all hard left factions and their ideological heirs since Karl Marx.  
Trotskyites, Stalinists, Communists, Socialists, Green/Leftists, you name it -- Jew hatred is obligatory especially for "Jews ". who get swept up in these religions and cults.  Jew hatred and violent hostility to Jewish nationhood are central to left ideology.
 (Trotskyites don't like being called Trotskyites by the way -- a spot of information I learned decades ago and have found useful ever since)
There are other reasons for the prevalence of these seriously creepy people to do with psychology and the sociology of trauma and oppression, what is termed the "Oslo Syndrome" for instance,  but much of what we see can be explained by the observation that nineteenth century antisemitism is as much part and parcel of radical left wing ideology as twentieth century Jew hatred it is of right wing radicalism. 

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