Saturday, July 19, 2014

Second Bush Turkey Duh Nomination Snatched Within Hours In Brilliant Fairfax Counterplay


 For the dopiest, most asinine, really just don't get it at all about what, a very seriously suspect bush turkey's arse, is going on in the Middle East,  comment, report, essay, broadcast or analysis by an Australian professional journalist on the general subject of the permanent war against Israel.

Almost immediately another slap in the face nomination for the Duh.

Ultimately William Booth may not qualify for the Award on national or other grounds such as he is not a real person, but for now this is a full fledged nomination that William Booth can take home and put on the shelf next to the TV and show to his grand children one day, as if he were. 

Look at this stuff,

Gaza Strip: Israeli forces backed by artillery barrages and airstrikes launched a major ground offensive into the Gaza Strip late on Thursday, marking a dramatic escalation of the 10-day-old conflict with the Palestinian militant group Hamas.
In the initial stage of the incursion, one Israeli soldier and 20 Gazans - including an infant - were killed.
Hamas wants Israel and Egypt, whose military-backed government is at odds with the Islamist movement, to lift border restrictions that have deepened economic hardship among Gaza's people. Hamas is also suffering from a cash crunch, unable to pay its employees in Gaza for months....
It was unclear what triggered the ground invasion, although it had been under discussion in Israeli political and military circles for days. One possibility was an attempt by Hamas militants to infiltrate Israel early on Thursday morning. The Israeli air force hit the opening of a tunnel used by the militants to sneak under the Gaza border fence.
The latest conflict was largely triggered by the killing of three Israeli teenagers in the occupied West Bank last month and the death on July 2 of a Palestinian youth in a suspected revenge murder.
Israel briefly held its fire on Tuesday after Egypt, which is also Gaza's neighbour, announced a truce plan, but Hamas and other militant groups rejected the proposal, saying it had not addressed their demands.
Analysts expect the Israeli ground forces to focus on destroying the tunnels and trying to avoid engaging Hamas fighters as much as possible.
"If all that will stop the shooting from Gaza into Israel, I believe that after a few days they will go back," said Itamar Yaar, a former top official at Israel's National Security Council. But he said that if Hamas attacked Israeli soldiers then the "Israeli cabinet will not have any other choice, other than to give orders to the armed forces to go deeper".

And on and on it goes in search of the answer to what could be some great mystery of the universe worthy of a plot by Doug Adams. Why?  You know ...just ..why?  

What does Hamas want?

Why would a liberal democracy use its military to take out a tunnel complex that the viciously armed militias of the enemy regime use in desperate attempts to snatch or murder Israelis as part of the war that Hamas declared by doing exactly that to three Israeli boys just days ago?


This report has to be over 1500 words and in all that mincing if there is a mention of the random shelling of the Israeli population as far as Tel Aviv and the north for ten days and counting as a factor in current events then seriously I missed it.

Barely a mention at all.

The determined shelling of civilians. The infiltration at enormous investment by murder gangs intent on what murder gangs do.

Why would a liberal democracy use its military to stop that? Why would a liberal democracy behave as if the first duty of decent rational effective government is to protect the people? 

William Booth is an expert who is here to wonder why such things happen in this complicated world.

William Booth is a schmuck. It's probably not his fault, the condition is often congenital but in any event definitely Bush Turkey material.

So quickly too. No one can suggest John Lyons is on a walk in the park for this prize. 


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