Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dead Baby Strategy In Full Throttle And Right On Schedule


God, this is disgusting. 

Out of the British Labour Party 

Dead babies to the right.


And of course dead babies to the left.

Recycled dead babies. 

Just when you thought you had seen it all, there is something new and gross. We have witnessed what may well be the first recycled dead baby blood libel in history. The very same baby resurrected and killed again so as to blame Israel and the Jews for his death twice in less than two years.

That's the Australian Greens for you. I guess they call it sustainability. 

This is something very sick and confirms the worst of what you already knew about the Australian left and the "Jewish" spearhead it deploys in its mortal assault on Israel and the Jews.

New Matilda, as was uncannily predicted at the time, was the first in Australia to come out with the dead baby strategy  back in November 2012.  

First then and first now. Is there doubt this is an organised campaign under direction in support of Hamas and its wars against both Israel and the people of Gaza? 

A battery of total impact, hysterical blood libels, one after the other, from Michael Brull at New Matilda. This man is a stickler for the most exacting standards of the long traditions of his faith; the utopian hard Left. Jew baiting since 1848.

This is death porn in full flow as bad as it gets. It includes images that could be from anywhere, most likely Syria or Iraq, and shockingly, even by the airiest of post-modernist warps of the intellect and truth, if that is what this cursed thing is to be called, it includes an image of a kid Hamas killed in November 2012 in a misfire during the last great terror rocket attack out of Gaza on the Israeli civilian population.

Let me repeat that in case the full impute might be skipped over.

The Australian hard left has so little regard for the infant human life they so publicly bleed for that the piece New Matilda just published attacking Israel over Gaza includes an image of BBC journalist Jihad Mishrawi carrying his dead son killed by Hamas in 2012 in a misfire and initially blamed on the Israelis and used as war propaganda against them with the free and loose assistance of the Western media.   

Does the image below, top right, look just too terribly familiar? Deja vu? Or an actual working example of deja spew first defined right here just a few days ago. 

If that is not the abuse of the image of a child then the meaning of words is fading. We are in the presence of something sinister and it should not go unnoted. This is the posthumous abuse of a child and if that strikes you as rankly depraved, that would be because you have a functioning moral compass. 

An image like this has impact. A normal response to the image of a young father with his dead baby son killed in war would sear back there somewhere despite the avalanche of this material. 

Very evidently not for those who use these images to stir up war frenzy and hate against people known to be wholly innocent.

A dead child, the tragic father beyond the reach of words, the rage against the Jews, fighting back if they can, innocentand guilty beyond redemption, blamed by the mobs everywhere as if directed by God himself.

That is exactly what a blood libel looks like. Posthumous child abuse. It is so obscene and depraved it does not bear thinking about.     

The New York Times                  
The Wall Street Journal 
Everyone gets in the act. No one is prepared to declare whose hands the blood you see is on. There is something deeply disturbing about this frenzy.  

Without question the grubbiest death porn of all, ironically from the professionals who churn this out for business, when Hamas stole a still from a Hollywood horror movie and passed it off as an authentic victim of the Jews.

This is a strange and dangerous war. 

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