Wednesday, July 16, 2014

KKK Racists On The March Through Sydney CBD


I am pleased to say I have met Shirlee Finn.

I already knew that she was one gutsy lady who had been in the front line of the Marrickville Council outrage of 2011. For many that was a wake up call. Suddenly we had this smug and pig ugly inner-city political elite that was so self confident that the moment its ticket took a controlling influence over a Sydney council, the elite's party, the Greens, chose to pick a fight over whether Jews on the other side of the world have the human right to keep the brilliant little state they formed and defended against all the odds; and naturally will continue to do so come what may as all free people do.

Shirlee is not a big person. Most of these men would tower over her but she is a lady of enormous dignity. Armed with a camera she fronted whatever it is that clings together long enough to form a pro-Hamas war rally on a Sydney Sunday and took some shots.

They were all there. Creeps with black flags. Jew baiting Hitler-taunting SA horror heads, some known to get violent if they can get away with it. Dangerous looking types of all genders many with their heads and faces covered. Trots on the run. Gormless clueless idiots of no particular description. Greens.

Then they brought on Vivienne Porsolt. At this point it could have been the bar scene out of Star Wars except these people are still there after the credits roll and vote.  

But even that wasn't the worst of it. 

Shirlee was there as a service to Australian multiculturalism . Do read my brave friend's piece to see what she went through to bring to us this street side health check on the state of Australian multiculturalism. 

Antisemitism at RALLY for GAZA.

I decided, against my better judgement and curiosity, to attend a pro-Gaza rally in the city on Sunday 13th July with a friend.
…………… but let’s forget that for the moment.
The night before, Saturday,  I and a few other Israel supporters, were posting on the Facebook page for this rally. The ignorance of these pro-Palestinian supporters defies belief, they don’t know the most basic facts. It doesn’t take long to realise this has really has nothing to do with being pro anything, but all about being anti.
Antisemitic that is.
I experienced something I have only heard about. I and others were verbally attacked with antisemitic comments, though mainly me. I cannot begin to tell you how sick I felt and still do. Feeble word I know, but there are no words to describe how I feel. I am still churning inside. Never in my life did I expect this in our beautiful country where, apparently, multiculturalism has been a great success.!!
I think I was targeted more than the others, as I was the only person posting actual facts and figures, whereas everyone else was posting  videos and posters. The Max Brenner remark was specifically for me, as I have a Max Brenner picture on my profile. It was mainly one person . According to a surname search, he is Turkish. The last one is a young pretty hijab wearing woman.
Here are  a few of them. Only a few I might add.
Your wife must be blind mate you’ve got a head like a smashed pumpkin you filthy Jewish dog… Go have a shower everyone knows u pigs only wash once a month.
shame everyone in Australia has boycotted Max Brenner that u use as a profile pic… Stay away from the chocolate my Muslim mate works in the New town store u eat at and pisses in the food… Watch out its not kosher.
Ze tooraaah … Why do u guys sound like that when u talk?? Like someone straining for a shit and coughing at the same time. Do us all a favor and go wobble back and forth reciting Satan’s manual and sticking your cocks in the wailing wall.
These putrid people r so scared that in Australia when they drop kids off at school they check under the cars for bombs. The school looks like a prison and the kids Dont have friends from the outside society. Explains why believe the lies their told. Of course mummy thinks your brilliant little ***** and little ****** poo… U r the chosen ones!! Chosen to go fuk yourself you scummy chatty dogs.
And Samantha Saint guys will be dyeing to be first to welcome u into the country.. Even the Jewish dads who go who have to go repent at the synagogue bcos they watch and imagine you cos there wives are bald fat bitches. That’s not even a joke they wear wigs and have sex through a hole in a white sheet… That’s legit too I’m not making it up…
******** and ****** you scums of the earth get the out of here you scummy pigs. We don’t want jews in Australia go back to Europe so another Hitler can appear and finish you scums off. I don’t blame him for burning 6 million of you scums alive. You wanna know why youre the most hated religion on this planet? because god has labelled you as the prophet killers. He favoured jews over all his creation and all he asked for in return was their submission, but instead they boycotted and killed every prophet he sent them. You even killed Jesus (peace be upon him) you mutts!!!! so God sent down a verse saying “Become apes: Despised and Disgraced!”
With that out of the way, let’s get on with the rally.
When I arrived at Sydney Town Hall I was quite taken aback by the numbers of people there. Here I was in a sea of Arabs,keffiyehs, hijabs, niqabs, hamas headbands, Palestinian flags, Greens’ banners, black “flags of Jihad” and  good number of Hezbollah flags , which was surprising seeing as this was supposed to be about Gaza.
It was comforting to see the Police there in such great numbers. There were Police from the Riot Squad as well as regular and mounted Police.
I have to tell you I found the whole event frightening and very confronting. I was not comfortable, far from it. The anger, the rage, the hate was overwhelming and I really was quite scared.
I was especially upset to see tiny children dressed in Hezbollah flags, Hamas outfits with headbands too, draped in keffiyehs and pumping the air with their fists yelling
“Death to Israel” “Down, down with Israel”  “Israel, Israel, who can’t hide, you support genocide” and the original “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”
This is a photo of your ‘typical’ family from a Facebook page! There are no words necessary here.
The lies and hate there I have no words for.
The organisers were repeatedly saying they are not against Jews but Israel, yet the number of antisemitic posters showed that as a lie. According to a couple of people on Facebook there were some ISIS flags there too, but neither of us saw one.
The guy with the HOLY COST sign saw me with a camera and raised it for me to photograph.

I was going to do a whole spiel about what all the speakers said, but I will just do bits as they come to mind.
The lies out there are not funny and our adversaries are doing a good job of getting misinformation out and we really need to do something to reverse that.
The woman who ‘conducted the whole thing , amid her screaming the usual well known slogans and riling everyone up to a state of  frightening hysteria, came out with a statement about McDonald’s which puzzled me and still does.
She said for people not to buy McDonalds’ because they support Israel. Her exact words were ….
“For every McDonald’s burger you buy, you are paying for a bullet to Gaza”
I have no idea where that comes from and find it rather funny and so will you if you watchthis video I highlighted in “Arabs Down Under” where you can order McDonald’s from El Arish in Egypt, delivered ‘via tunnel’.
Another was that “Gaza is the most densely populated place on earth” whilst I know full well it stands at 22.
A man who apparently had just returned from a visit to Gaza told of how people are crying out for help as they are starving? Have no medical supplies? Have no power? Yet we know that even in the midst of this conflict Israel is delivering food, fuel and medical supplies, whilst people are crossing to visit doctors and hospitals.
Lee Rhiannon said in her speech that the silence from Labor and the coalition around the atrocities of the Israeli military towards Palestine is shameful.
“The Israeli and Palestinian conflict is not one of equal partners: there is an oppressor and there are the oppressed.”
“The international community, including Australian politicians, must not allow Israeli forces to unleash another bloodbath in Gaza and in the West Bank. The people of Gaza, who live in the world’s biggest open prison, endure much hardship every day in the face of Israeli military aggression.”
Basically she carried on about the Government supporting Israel and not caring about the poor Palestinians.
Next up was Vivienne Porsolt spewing her hatred whilst proudly claiming to be a Jew. That raised one the biggest cheers of the day. It makes me sick that people of her ilk trade on their Jewishness, when really they don’t care about it at all.
She perpetuated the lie about the timing of the kidnapping and murder of Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Fraenkel and Eyal Yifrah which is going around. It is that the

kidnapping was  a carefully orchestrated Israeli government propaganda campaign designed to destroy the Fatah/Hamas unity government, in order to demonise the Palestinians as ‘terrorists’, and to give the Israeli government another excuse to start a war and that they knew about the deaths of those poor children for days without telling their families.

In other words Israel started an offensive against Gaza due to these deaths, with no mention of rocket attacks for the last 6 months.
My question to our so-called Community Leaders out there is ..
“Why do we tolerate people like this to be Part of our official Community?”
She is not alone. There were other Jews there who I know by name and sight from other ‘events’
“Are we stupid?”
No don’t answer that.  This apparently is democracy, well if this democracy you can have it.
Then she started an attack on Vic Alhadeff, who is the CEO on the NSW Board of Deputies over a recent email, I think it is. It has been blown out of all proportion and she was trying to score Brownie points out of it.
She called on other Jews to stand up and to publicly show their support for the ‘Palestinians’
Then came Jake Lynch. He heads the Department of Peace and Conflict studies at Sydney University.  He is his own ‘study in conflict’. He prevented Prof. Dan Avnon of the Hebrew University from taking a position there. Big story. The point is that Shurat Hadin had tried to take legal  action against him and the case was recently withdrawn.
He made mileage out of that. Shurat HaDin is an Israel NGO  which fights terrorism through the legal system and is doing excellent work. He accused them of being the puppet of the Israeli government. Which received huge cheers.
He never got to finish his speech. Whilst he was speaking some protesters stormed the makeshift stage on the side steps of the Town Hall .
I wasn’t 100% sure what happened.  I heard some agitated people around me. The next thing I noticed was a man tearing down the huge Palestinian Flag accompanied by a man with a large movie camera.
There was some kind of a struggle with Police called on to the stage. According to the Telegraph it was ‘performance’ was about a Hezbollah flag causing offence.
I didn’t see one and if one was there, what was the kerfuffle about seeing as to how they weren’t in short supply at the rally.?
What I did see on the right hand side of the stage was a man standing holding an Australian flag aloft by its top corners before he was pulled away by Police. No doubt it was someone showing his anger at foreign flags being flown in this country, which traditionally we don’t like.
There were a couple of other insignificant speakers and the constant chanting the usual anti-Israel slogans.
They way they were whipping people up to a frenzy really was very confronting.
We followed the March around a City block. The noise was deafening. There really wasn’t much interest from people around and I did hear some complaints. I am happy I wasn’t one the drivers in the many vehicles stopped to let this rabble through.
We stopped to do a head count and figured about 2,500. We asked the police, they said similar, though I heard on 9 News last night 5,000. No way.  The noise of their screaming at times was deafening. They have more organised for the 20th and 26th which they claim will be bigger and better.


  1. Good on you. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Read every word and am appalled. Never imagined there would be more hatred in Sydney than in Gaza. Bravo Shirlee and thanks Geoff for posting this.

  3. Let me get this straight... The indigenous of this so called "Holy Land", were usurped of their land, largely by a gang of Polish, Russians and other Rhineland types; and now the former indigenous are accused of being unreasonable for fighting against the usurpers.... yep... that's about the long and short of it.
    Of course, the ever so reasonable Christian Zionists in UK AUS and (mainly) USA; insists it's right because the usurpers are God's Chosen Ones.

    It's so obvious that the Jewish State is willing to negotiate from a more than reasonable position.... oh yea..

    1. Considering over half of Israel's Jewish population are indigenous to the Middle East themselves (many "usurped" by the arabs themselves, 800,000 in fact), your superficial and somewhat fantastical reading of history is laughable.

      You do realise that Zionism was a socialist, atheistic enterprise and had nothing to do with god or "chosen people" or any other rubbish that is typically spouted forth by the usual suspects, nor are many palestinians actually "indigenous" to Palestine, Ottoman and British census and population records indicate clear immigration trends among arabs to Palestine during the Mandate. Jewish majority towns such as Jerusalem, Safed and Tiberias existed well before many arab settlements.

  4. Sydney 8800 people per sq Km. They just keep packing millions of people into Australia and a large percentage of them are these types of people.

  5. We all have the right to peaceful demonstration. We do not have the right to cover our faces with scarves, masks, KKK hats or whatever. A demonstration is not about faceless people; it is about people coming forward to state their viewpoint and having the courage to show their faces.
    My question is what was Shirlee Finn doing there? Was it as a self-appointed photojournalist determined to show the worst, not the best via her photos. She went to a demonstration with an opposing point of view, and she has the right to do this, but she also has a duty to report that it was a peaceful demonstration. She was not an impartial observer, and had the attitude of a spy, determined to show and describe the worst.
    Worth thinking about is that a demonstration like this would not happen in Israel or Gaza, and for that matter, many other countries.
    Australians should all rejoice that we can have a demonstration like this here -- let's keep Australia this way.

    1. Don't be ridiculous. Shirlee had every right to be at this vile public demonstration of naked bigotry, with a camera, was very brave to be there, and has absolutely no obligation to explain anything whatsoever to you.

      Have another read of what has been said here. I'm not talking about rights. It was you who first raised the subject of rights.

      What we have here is a pack of racists on the march.
      Shirlee's photos prove that beyond doubt. Whether, and at what point, hate mongering, and threatening racist vilification loses the protection of the law is one issue. Even in the US you can go to jail for burning a cross.

      That's one issue. And we have every right to record this . Some would contend we have a duty.

      Let me tell you something true, anon. It will be a Canberra night in hell before this blog hands out congratulations to a racist mob for not getting violent.

      BTW have another look at Shirlee's photos. Would you say those blokes on the steps and ballustrades with the flags and banners were part of this demonstration?

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