Friday, July 18, 2014

IDF ground forces attack Hamas Underground (Includes Special "Duh" Award Nomination Update)


The IDF has launched a ground operation aimed at taking out the Hamas tunnel terror complex that has threatened Israelis for far too long. For Australian readers, this IDF video will tell you what is happening and why in one minute flat.

Soon this blog will launch the first of a new journalism award for the dopiest, most asinine, really just don't get it at all about what, a very seriously suspect bush turkey's arse, is going on in the Middle East ... comment, report, essay, broadcast or analysis by an Australian professional journalist on the subject of the permanent war against Israel.


In this competition, extra points are awarded to a journalist who is self described as  a "Middle East" correspondent, reporter, analyst or so on. There is no greater duh than an expert duh. There are still extra bonus points for a nominee who, so self described, lives in Israel. Perhaps the greatest duh of all.

Naturally John Lyons name jumps out at you like a startled snake in the warm early spring and with such force and frankness that it would border on self nomination if you weren't carrying a shovel.

But that's only because the selection committee hardly ever considers Fairfax any more and we have to make this thing fair. If Lyons gets the duh he needs to know he got it fair and square and after a measure of research that at least did not involve the committee submitting to actual physical pain such as by listening to Phillip Adams.

Also timely.  When seeking an answer to the question what is going on in Israel and Gaza, I made the interesting mistake of going to the Australian media first. What I got is the first nomination for the duh.

The world's attention is focussed on an unthinkable crime over the Ukraine right now. A horrible potentially world changing crime that up until this morning I did not believe was possible. 

This is the first report on the gutsy IDF operation against Hamas forces dug into the network of Green-sensitive air-conditioned tunnels and caves along the border solidly built with vast tonnes of materials imported from Israel through the pass across the border that is still functioning and supplying Gaza and its regime after ten days of war.

That's a story.

Instead we got this stuff.

With everyone looking somewhere else this would have passed into the ether by now as part of the noise on its way to Alpha Centauri had it not been snatched for the ages as the first ever nomination for the duh.

Congratulations guys.   I'd mention you by name had I not already forgotten. Sorry.

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