Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Matilda Broadside On Israel And The Jews --- (Part 2)


This from Sara Saleh at NM.

Note how NM has got a theme going down here about this determined and continuing attack on Israel.  War on Gaza. Can you believe it?

Actually, WAR ON GAZA.

Seriously, you must  a global view confined through a pin hole pointing south to come up with a one liner like that to describe what is going on in that part of the Middle East right now. 

It is inexplicable why these activists are so hostile to the natural rights and best interests of the Arab populations of Gaza, the disputed territories and Israel.  

25 Jul 2014

Busting The Israeli Occupation One-Liners

By Sara Saleh
Israel's war on Gaza is as much about oppression as it is about public relations, and winning the proaganda battle. Sara Saleh unravels the spin.
Two weeks into the current Israeli assault on Gaza, known as Operation Protective Edge, and it seems much of Israel’s rationale has been recycled.
The war on Gaza, one aspect of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine, has been reduced to catchy, convincing one-liners that are played on repeat as Israel brutally attacks for the third time in six years
Earlier this week, Israeli forces targeted the third hospital since the ground invasion began almost a week ago, another war crime to add to the growing list according to human rights groups
Meanwhile, media reports have described Sunday’s shelling of the neighbourhood of Shujaiya as so severe that ambulances couldn’t access the streets where the dead lay and the injured waited for assistance.
As you might expect, to match the might of this ground offensive, Israel has launched a media campaign in an attempt to justify the atrocities of the past few weeks.
You need look no further than mainstream media for the many examples of disingenuous coverage allowing Israel’s narrative to dominate. But the pervasiveness of social media has proven useful, giving rise to alternative (news) sources and different voices
Certainly this is as much a war of words and wits as it is of weapons.
So while the lean, mean Israeli propaganda machine continues to churn out slogans, the humanising of Palestinians living this occupation allows us to debunk the Israeli myths and slowly, but surely, piece the puzzle together.
[end of quote]

Some myth. Some puzzle. This continues here
It is good to see there are a number of commenters who make a serious effort to respond to this tosh. Among the best at NM is Iain Hall whose calm truths on these threads are proven effective by the mindless abuse he attracts.
My comment earlier today.
.  .geoffff 
Posted Sunday, July 27, 2014 - 14:18
About every scrap of information coming out of Gaza is sourced or filtered by Hamas and therefore of no probative value whatsoever.  
Some facts. 
  • Israel warns civilians in harm's way and have gone to extraordinary lengths to avoid casualties. Israel routinely warns its enemies of   an imminent strike in an effort to see them safe. Naturally Hamas takes advantage of that. The Israelis understand that dead civilians are a central part of the Hamas battle plan
  • Israel has the right and duty to root out this vast nest of killers in the holes where they have buried themselves.  
  • Hamas use of children and infants in this war has long got past the point of depravity. It is after all in an utterly depraved cause. 
  • Hamas started the war in the most depraved way imaginable and continues to wage it as a desperate struggle to murder as many civilians as possible. 
  • Israel has no choice. The PR war has already been lost by Israel across the Muslim world and beyond as it always will be until these people have freed themselves from the Jew hatred that chains them. But Israel has no choice to a military solution even while accepting it does nothing for a political solution that is not and never has been on offer 

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