Saturday, July 26, 2014

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Two Days Ago

The battle is tough and the boys are fighting bravely and as they have been trained. Reports are that the IDF is all over this heavily armed terrorist militia that is dug in under houses, mosques, schools and the main Gaza hospital where Hamas has placed its command headquarters. 

The terrorists have in abundance  the most sophisticated weaponry that Iran is capable of supplying. 

Obama, Kerry and Ban are of course doing their absolute best to save Hamas from destruction so that the Israelis and the Gazans will have to go through this again in a couple of years after Hamas has reconstructed the tunnels and basements built with materials imported from Israel through the "blockade".  

A twelve hour unilateral ceasefire has been declared by Israel to take effect five minutes from now. This could mean the Israelis have substantially achieved their primary objectives.

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