Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mike Carlton Finally Outs Himself As A Depraved Little Creep.


The death porn lite is from Mike Carlton Lite.

Images of kids killed or badly bashed around by Hamas in the course of the gutless war crime of using the civilian population it dominates as a shield while it carries out the war crime of attacking the civilian population of Israel.

Hamas stores weapons in schools and in residences and mosques from where it operates. It has vast tunnel networks under residential areas that it uses to attack Israel.  Its major headquarters is under Gaza's hospital.  

And Carlton says it is Netanyahu who is the war criminal.

There is no sense in faint flattery of this public intellectual.  Carlton is a depraved little creep. 

Everything Carlton, Reuters, UNICEF and every media outlet, politician,  UN agency or NGO has reported about the number of "Palestinian" dead and injured, and how many are civilians or children, or how or when they were wounded or killed,  is sourced ultimately entirely to Hamas. It is Hamas who controls the tap on this flow of this information and of course Hamas will say anything to advance its war goals.

The cowered people of Gaza will say what ever they believe Hamas expects of them as all people under the boot of a totalitarian regime will do.   

Carlton and all the rest do not have the integrity to declare that the source for all they say is Hamas. 

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