Sunday, April 22, 2012

In Praise of Jewish Settlers

Mike L.

(Cross-Posted at Israel Thrives.)

As the progressive-left has emerged as the foremost racist political movement in the West today, Jews who live in Judea and Samaria have been targeted as one of the groups that it is OK, sometimes even mandatory, to spit hatred at from the Left.

This is bad enough when it comes from progressive racists in general, but far worse when it comes from progressive-left Jews. Progressives tell the world, following Mahmoud Abbas and Barack Obama, that the reason there is no peace in the region is because some Jews actually live, and build housing for themselves, in Judea.

The crime of Jews building housing for themselves on ancient Jewish land is said to prevent peace in the region and endanger American troops there.

I would like to suggest that those who think along such lines are, in fact, the very people who are preventing a negotiated conclusion of hostilities. The problem is with them, not with the settlers. When the President of the United States complains about Jews living and building in certain sections of Jerusalem, or in Judea and Samaria, he creates the conditions under which anti-Jewish racism becomes justified and peace becomes impossible. Anti-Jewish racism is promoted because the implication is that Mahmoud Abbas is correct to seek a Judenrein "Palestinian" state on Jewish land. If even progressive-left Jews believe that Jews must live here, but not over there, they justify Arab-Muslim race-hate toward us. The reason that peace becomes impossible under these circumstances is because Mahmoud Abbas cannot afford to be seen as softer on Israel than the American president, thus Abbas refuses to negotiate so long as Jews build housing for themselves on land that Jordan dubbed "the West Bank."

There is a very long history of non-Jews demanding that Jews be allowed only to live in certain places. Both the history of dhimmitude, and the history of European ghetto life, is replete with non-Jewish leaders insisting that Jews may live in certain areas and may not live in other areas. When Barack Obama makes the same demand it resonates in an extremely negative manner with those of us who have an inkling of this history and who understand that it is both racist and counterproductive. Just because Jews build housing for themselves in Judea, this does not mean that Abbas and Netanyahu cannot sit across from one another and draw a line on a map.

The settlers, as a group, have done nothing wrong. Some of these people are deeply religious Jews who wish to live where our forefathers walked. There is nothing the least little bit wrong with that. Others are merely Jews who wish to find relatively inexpensive housing and there is nothing wrong with that either. The problem is not with them, but with Arab-Muslim racism against them. It is Arab-Muslim racism towards Jews which insists that Jews should not be allowed to live on that land or that any future state of Palestine must be a Jew-free enclave.

Every once in a while we will read, usually in the left press, that the settlers in Judea and Samaria are behaving badly, even in a criminal manner. There are reports of conflicts with the local Arabs or what is referred to as "price tag" retaliations. I would submit that there is not a population of any size in the world that is free of criminal behavior and that this is true of the Jewish settlers no more than it is true for anyone else. Suggesting that Jews should not be allowed to live in Judea because of criminal behavior would be like suggesting that Italian-Americans should not be allowed to live in New Jersey and for the same reason.

Of course, Barack Obama would never suggest that Italians should be allowed to live here, but not there, in the United States. Any such absurd assertion would be met with slack-jawed incredulity and immediately recognized as the racism that it is. That the president of the United States can make that suggestion about Jews in the Middle East suggests something rather ugly about his relationship to the Jewish people in general. That many progressive Jews would agree with him, while spitting hatred at their brothers and sisters on the west bank of the Jordan river, says far more about them than it does about the settlers.

We need to start thinking about the conflict in fresh ways and that means letting go of the presumptions of Oslo. During the peace process the assumption was that Jewish compromise would be met with Palestinian-Arab compromise toward a final negotiated conclusion of hostilities. Since the Obama administration has rammed the final nails of the peace process into its coffin, we must shed those old assumptions. The fact of the matter is that the Palestinian-Arabs have refused offer after offer after offer for a state of their own in peace next to the Jewish one.

This is a fact that we must incorporate into our understanding of the situation.

The problem is not with Jews living on land where Jews originally came from, but with an Arab-Muslim racism toward us that is so intense that they are willing to use the Palestinian-Arabs as a bludgeon against us. The local Arabs do themselves, and their children, no favors when they embrace genocidal radical Islam in the form of Hamas.

Of course, given the fact that Barack Obama has compared the rise of the Jihad in the Middle East to both the American Revolution and to the Civil Rights Movements of the 1950s and 1960s, it becomes difficult to know just who is more delusional, them or him?

In the mean time, Jewish people will continue to live on, and build on, Jewish land, as well they should. If the Palestinian-Arabs ever decide that they want a country for themselves in peace next to the Jewish one they can have that. All they need to do is agree to it.

Until they are ready to give up their war against us, they will continue to damn their own children to live with the humiliation of check points and the various restrictions placed upon them. Israel is going to do what it needs to do to prevent terrorism against their own people. If the local Arabs do not like it, then they can finally (at long last) accept a state for themselves in peace.

If they are not willing to do that then they have no one to blame but themselves.


  1. The resident troll had this to say in the post I blasted to hell yesterday. It was just about the only part of his comment that he composed himself. The rest he lifted (again) from the usual places.

    "And yes Zionism is racism; how many Jewish people have been kicked off their land in Palestine since 1948? How many Jewish townships have been replaced by Palestinian ones?"

    Sometimes you just have to shake your head at the sheer bloody ignorance.

    How many Jewish people have been kicked off their land in "Palestine" since 1948?

    About ten thousand.

    How many Jewish townships have been replaced with Palestinian ones?


    In the Gaza Strip (21):


    Bnei Atzmon (Atzmona)


    Elei Sinai


    Gan Or

    Ganei Tal


    Kfar Darom

    Kfar Yam

    Kerem Atzmona


    Neveh Dekalim


    Netzer Hazani


    Pe'at Sade

    Rafiah Yam


    Shirat Hayam

    Tel Katifa

    In Judea and Samaria (4) :





    You need to lay off the hard stuff for a while Justin. It is playing havoc with your short term memory.

    On the other hand since 1948:

    How many Palestinians have been forced from their land?

    Zero. Not one.

    How many Palestinian townships have been replaced with Jewish ones?

    Zero. Not one.

    1. He's a sadist and a fool. I would dump him.

      He's essentially telling Jewish people that after 2/3rds of the Jewish population was slaughtered in Europe, that it is sick and evil and racist for us to seek self-defense within a Jewish state.

      That makes him not only sadistic, and something quite frankly close to evil, but someone that you are under no obligation to publish.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. "How many Palestinians have been forced from their land?

    Zero. Not one.

    How many Palestinian townships have been replaced with Jewish ones?

    Zero. Not one."

    The disengagement plan was about a bunch of settlers getting kicked off land that they stole in the first place. It was simply part of Sharon's bigger plan to isolate an (unoccupied) but contained Gaza.

    "In 1948 eighty-five percent of the Palestinians living in the areas that became the state of Israel became refugees. More than 500 Palestinian villages were depopulated and later destroyed to prevent the return of the refugees. These comprised three-quarters of the Palestinian villages inside the areas held by Israeli forces after the end of the war. In the districts of Jaffa, Ramla and Bir Saba' not one Palestinian village was left standing. Approximately thirty-five percent of the Palestinian population of the West Bank, eastern Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip were expelled during the 1967 war. Two percent of villages were destroyed, as well as several refugee camps."

    Keep up with the propaganda and censorship Geoff, it fits the neocon Zionist business model perfectly.

  3. See what I mean about proving beyond doubt the exact opposite of the point Justin thinks he is making?

    See how these guys operate? The blissful dishonesty alone is intriguing.

    Suddenly "since 1948" has become "in 1848". Civilians evacuated from urban war zones and who were back home in days have become "refugees expelled during the 1967 war".

    Some 2000 Jewish families, including presumably the young kids and babies, who lived where Jews have lived continuously* for 3000 years have become "a bunch of settlers getting kicked off land that they stole in the first place."

    People who talk like this do not possess normal powers of reason. They have no commitment to normal standards of objective truth. It's a visceral thing. They think with their stomachs. Not their heads. Ultimately it's a troll thing.

    People who think like this are coming from a very strange place. It's as if Arab Muslims have been the only victims of the war they started and have been waging, and losing, against the Jews since the 1920's. Not to mention the infinitely more bloody wars they have been waging among one another.

    *Leaving aside a few tempory interuptions such as the complete destruction of the city by the Mongols and the bubonic plague. Not even the 1948 war ended the Jewish presence. There will still 50 families as late as 1950

  4. Whatever, but that don't change the present day a reality.

    A national living in perpetual paranoia and fear. A very insecure nation indeed. That exact opposite to what was intended.

    "Since the existence of Zionism, one constant trend of thought has been the direction of Weizmann, Greenbaum, Sharett, Ben Gurion, Ehrenpreisz, Kastner, Stephen Wise, the councils in the ghettoes and the rescue committees of the free world: The only yearning was for the State. The people as a whole, or a segment thereof, were merely the means for the realization of a “homeland”. Whoever did not serve this purpose might as well have not been created."

    Holocaust Victims Accuse:

    "As is the way of Jewish people, they first went to the Jewish relief organizations. It became clear to them that the pressure of the Jewish Agency had cut them off. from any aid from relief organizations, both worldwide and local. Having no other choice, they turned to Christian social organizations, which had nothing to do with the missionaries. They agreed to help them only after they became aware, to their great astonishment, that the Jewish organizations were withholding all aid The Gentiles learned for the first time in history, Jews were hardening themselves against refugee brothers, abandoning them and their children to starvation, disease - and to the mercy of the Gen tiles."

    An interesting read the "Accuse" thing, and it don't give many Zionist a good name, no wonder you guys avoid it (collusion/indifference) like the plague.

    BTW, would it be OK if you could address yours truly as your resident Pet troll - that would be nice.

    Also, that pic above of the settlers looks quite appropriate excellent choice.