Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bye bye Bobby Boy Scout

AKA  Dirty Deal Doc. I was working on a piece on why this blog has it in for the Australian Greens when the head toad jumped. Don't worry. Nothing has changed. This blog still has it in for the Australian Greens.

I've got a theory on the resignation. Brown has never really been in politics. All those years the Greens have been the indulged spoiled brats at the table. No one took them too seriously. They can't do much harm people thought and their heart is in the right place. They are allowed to be irresponsible because they will never have responsibility. They are big kids and the other kids love them and Bob Brown is just an oversized boy scout.

That changed. For the first time the Greens were getting a taste of the blowtorch that serious politicians have always worked with.  For the first time parts of the media put them under the cynical and skeptical focus that had been reserved for the major parties and especially the conservatives.

Bob and Paul woke up one morning in Senegal and realised that the boy scout was a real power politician with a party with factions that despised and leaked on one another, with critics and enemies, and serious scrutiny of who they are, where they come from and what they are about; and perhaps worst of all the passionate contempt of numerous people including whole communities who regard Brown and his colleagues as a physical threat to their families.

Peter Pan looked in the mirror and suddenly, in a second, to his horror realised he had grown up. He saw something ugly and it wasn't just his face.

Of course he resigned.

That bizarre Earthian speech was his last grab at convincing himself and anybody who would listen that he's different; he's a good guy really and his heart is in the right place. Really quite spiritual; you know with the aliens and comets and misty mountains and stuff.  It was a direct play to the crystal waving, astrology touting, organic, alternative, way out weirdo party faction that spawned him in the first place and to which he now returns.

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  1. I was a Green party member in the US for a short while, believe it or not.

    Times have certainly changed... or I have... or both.