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The Anti-Palestinian Wing of the ALP


" We have a formal dialogue with the Arab League"
We will never mention Resolution 1457
Australia's Foreign Minister 26 October 2012

Here's something Chairman Carr can talk about the next time he is lost for words on the steps of the Mosque in Lakemba.  You can be certain he will never raise the subject in the formal dialogue with the Arab League. That might take some courage.

The brutal all pervasive apartheid  regime that Arab Muslims impose on the "Palestinians". 

The Arab Apartheid 

By Ben Dror Yemini 
Maariv (translated from Hebrew
May 14, 2011 
The real “nakba,” which is the story of the Arab apartheid. Tens of millions, among them Jews, suffered from the “nakba,” which included dispossession, expulsion and displacement. Only the Palestinians remained refugees because they were treated to abuse and oppression by the Arab countries. Below is the story of the real “nakba”

In 1959, the Arab League passed Resolution 1457, which states as follows: “The Arab countries will not grant citizenship to applicants of Palestinian origin in order to prevent their assimilation into the host countries.” That is a stunning resolution, which was diametrically opposed to international norms in everything pertaining to refugees in those years, particularly in that decade. The story began, of course, in 1948, when the Palestinian “nakba” occurred. It was also the beginning of every discussion on the Arab-Israeli conflict, with the blame heaped on Israel, because it expelled the refugees, turning them into miserable wretches. This lie went public through academe and the media dealing with the issue. 

In previous articles on the issue of the Palestinians, we explained that there is nothing special about the Israeli Arab conflict. First, the Arab countries refused to accept the proposal of partition and they launched a war of annihilation against the State of Israel which had barely been established. All precedents in this matter showed that the party that starts the war - and with a declaration of annihilation, yet - pays a price for it. Second, this entails a population exchange: indeed, between 550,000 and 710,000 Arabs (the most precise calculation is that of Prof. Ephraim Karash, who calculated and found that their number ranges between 583,000 and 609,000). Most of them fled, a minority were expelled because of the war and a larger number of about 850,000 Jews were expelled or fled from Arab countries (the “Jewish nakba”). Third, the Palestinians are not alone in this story. Population exchanges and expulsions were the norm at that time. They occurred in dozens of other conflict points, and about 52 million people experienced dispossession, expulsion and uprooting (”And the World is lying”). And fourth, in all the population exchange precedents that occurred during or at the end of an armed conflict, or on the backdrop of the establishment of a national entity, or the disintegration of a multinational state and the establishment of a national entity - there was no return of refugees to the previous region, which had turned into a new national state. The displaced persons and the refugees, with almost no exceptions, found sanctuary in the place in which they joined a population with a similar background: the ethnic Germans who wore expelled from Central and Eastern Europe assimilated in Germany, the Hungarian refugees from Czechoslovakia and other places found sanctuary in Hungary, the Ukrainians who were expelled from Poland found sanctuary in Ukraine, and so forth. In this sense, the affinity between the Arabs who originated in mandatory Palestine and their neighbors in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, was similar or even greater than the affinity between many ethnic Germans and their country of origin in Germany, sometimes after a disconnect of many generations. 



Read it all. A thorough state by state analysis of the systematic discrimination against Muslim Arabs deemed by other Muslim Arabs to be "Palestinian", so as to keep them on display like animals in zoos generation after generation. All the better to nurture bitter life consuming grievance in a whole population and incite genocidal racist hatred against the Jews. One of the great human rights abuses of our time. The root cause of the Israel/"Palestine" "dispute". 

Not a murmur about it from our Government. This is because the racist wing of the ALP has now taken control of foreign policy.  Not a butterfly's fart in a cyclone from the Australian Greens. There is a reason for this as well. It is because the Australian Green Party is a racist political movement.

hat tip oldschooltwentysix  at Israel Thrives

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