Thursday, January 10, 2013

2012 Racist Liar of the Year


Get a load of this from this morning's Australian

Senator's view on Israel

Israel is the military and economic power in the region. I am concerned about the brutal treatment of Palestinian people by the right-wing Netanyahu Likud government. Achieving justice for Palestinians is critical to achieving peace. One of the reasons I am a member of the Greens is because the party has a proud track record of opposing human rights abuses, racism and bigotry.
Senator Lee Rhiannon, Surry Hills, NSW

Rhiannon's  latest public demonstration of her commitment to Israel's right to exist in peace was to be  key speaker at Sydney's pro-Hamas rally in the immediate wake of Operation Pillar of Cloud to "condemn Israel's most recent aggression against the Gaza Strip".
Another speaker was the Mufti of Australia.   He would have been already  making his travel arrangements and rehearsing his speeches to the  stones and the trees. .
Rhiannon supports a two state solution and peace?
Orwell once remarked on how rich the language is in expressing incredulity. He confined himself to "pull the other one" , "what a load of cobblers".and so on. He was a gentleman you see. 
Me not so much. Rhiannon and the Greens stand in relation to the truth approximately where a pack of  rapists on a private bus stand in relation to their victim.

 She is the spokesperson for her party on Israel.
Given her and her party's complete disregard for the plight and rights of women living under the jackboot of Islamist regimes, including Gaza,, when they formulate their Middle East policies, this metaphor, as crude as it is, regretably is more apt than you would like.,   
Let's be very clear about this. 
Rhiannon is a passionate supporter of BDS which has as its stated  objective the destruction of Israel.. She has never declared against the only overt genocidal racism in the Middle East. That displayed by Hamas, Fatah, Iran and the rest of the grievance ridden Islamist Middle East. 
She saves all of her vitriol for Israel with which she is obsessed.  
When she talks about a two state solution she means an Israel confined to the 1949 armistice lines ( the "Auschwitz Borders" )and the 800 000 Jews (she means Jews not Israelis) who live beyond those lines ethnically cleansed from their homeland. Including those in Jerusalem. She means an Israel that has had the spurious and glib Muslim "right of return" forced on it and therefore does not even have sovereignty over her own borders.
She means a rump state. She means 1938 Czechoslovakia post-Nazi sell out. She means the removal of any shred of Jewish autonomy from the Middle East and with it all of their human rights  and all of those who shelter under their tiny republic. The only place that provides these rights.
 She means giving Hamas,Fatah Iran and all the rest what they want. Or trying. 
She means war.
What else could she mean?
She certainly does not mean an end to the continuous threats, primitive violence, genocidal hatred, vicious racist propaganda, war crimes and sheer bloody minded murderous rejection of the State of Israel from the men who are the real cause of this self imposed horror.
If this sort of vile lying by a politician particularly disgusts you then you know what you must do. Call her on it. You can be certain the media won't. 
Rhiannon is the spokesperson for the Greens on Israel. Did I mention that?
Support the Greens? How could you even think it. It will be worth voting for the pleasure of preferencing them last. 

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