Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Next they will be forcing grandmothers to scrub the street with toothbrushes,


This is vile. It has struck a seriously raw nerve with Jews all around the world. You would have to be a cretin not to immediately understand why.

This is not Berlin circa 1936. It is Jerusalem only a few days ago.

Not a mention of it of course in any media. Instead the papers are full of smug self satisfied and offensively dishonest accounts of a pack of "Palestinian" squatters, backed up by foreign antizionist activists, who have staged a  stunt with tents in  E1.  One of the worst, and certainly the most dishonest, is John Lyons' report in this morning's Australian.

 E1 is a patch of land that under any possible two state solution will form part of Israel. Every single detailed two state proposal  since the Oslo fraud  includes E1 in Israel. Never mind that. As far as the John Lyons of this world are concerned, and the world is full of them, truth and common decency are irrelevant.

Can you imagine the screeching from Lyons and the left liberals if this was footage of a gang of Jewish youths humiliating harmless and helpless "Palestinians"? You would never hear the end of it. It would get as much airtime as the Netzarim Junction blood libel or the Jenin massacre giant media lie.

Instead complete silence. Arabs attacking, terrifying and humiliating Jews. Dog bites man. Not news. You just know what would happen if the Israelis enforced the law and arrested these punks.  Man bites dog. It will be all over the news. Mark my words..Even if the Israelis do not act Lyons and the rest of the media will just make it up.


The two young men surrounded and attacked by a mob of about fifty have said they feared they would be lynched.

In the footage, a mob of some 50 Arabs are seen throwing snowballs and rocks at two young Hareidim who were walking down the street. The Arabs also tried to grab the hats of the two Hareidim. The two, meanwhile, do nothing but raise their hands to defend themselves. After long minutes, the Arabs eventually leave the Hareidim alone and go their way. Interviewed later, the Hareidim said that they were uninjured, but felt violated and ashamed at being the victims of such an attack.

Speaking in the interview, the two said that they truly feared they would not survive the incident. “We went to pray at the Kotel and on our way back, we were suddenly attacked by dozens of Arabs,” they said. “The Arabs tried to lynch us, they were throwing snowballs and other objects and yelling 'death to the Jews' in Arabic. We felt we were in real danger.”

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  1. No tolerance.

    Given the long history of Jewish abuse at the hands of Arabs, Israel should have a no tolerance policy about this sort of thing.

    They should be in jail.