Monday, December 3, 2012

Sorting the antizionists from the antisemites.


As if both are not the exact same thing. Bigots and racists from the "right side of history".  At least they are determined to make it "right".

I don't read the Fairfax press (the most non-antisemitic newspapers in Australia -- they are always pre-emptively  denying it) so I missed this.

At the very height of Pillar of Cloud, while Israelis were defending themselves as best they could from attacks on their  civilians including quite deliberately children, without hurting alien civilians, including children used as shields by Nazi inspired terrorists,  Australia's most famous non-antisemitic cartoonist drew this:

The Palestinians are the Jews and the Jews are the Nazis. How very clever. And as for Michael Leunig?

He is Pastor Martin Niemoller himself. What a good Christian. He used to be a Nazi too but after he was imprisoned by the other Nazis and Germany lost the war he stopped.

Leunig proclaims passionately he is not an antisemite. He is a Christian he says and he will swear on his Christian bible he is not an antisemite. Perhaps his Christian bible is the problem.

You are an antisemite Michael Leunig and it is not bitter or spiteful at all to call you on this. It is just terribly terribly sad. He deserves a wider audience.

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  1. What a disgusting cartoon to add to his oeuvre. On Facebook last week someone posted one of his regarding the receipt of the Ten Commandments - opinions seemed divided re whether it was a dig at Jews or at people generally. Yeah, right.