Saturday, December 1, 2012

Facts about Islamophobia in Europe



  1. Yet this is the perfect sense that is drowned out and criticized as being Islamophamic (?)or inciting hatred!

    See, he's braver than the lovely blonde teenager from Turkey.

    Why don't they have and Israel-phobia awareness month? Why Islam? Why not gypsies or Mormon awareness month?

  2. Exactly.

    There's a problem and they are looking in the wrong direction for the source.

    and I do agree. Pat Condell lives in London and it actually takes physical courage to do what he does. He probably doesn't even notice but an awful number of people simply would not do what he does.

    all they have to do is sentence you to death and you have to go in to hiding

  3. Rushdie has only just now, decades later, published a book about his ten years in hiding from the fatwa. He is still pillared by some, and being reminded of the number of people and the number of writers who abandoned him, or said that he should apologise / with draw his book / bleated with resentment about the money spent on his protection - well, it's cringe-worthy, embarrassing in the extreme, and this was before the attack on America; the commentary though, pre and post 9/11, is much the same. Astonishing denial, astonishing appeasement. We never learn. Truth is lost almost instantly.

    Cowards, all.