Monday, September 24, 2012

Will Israel Strike Iran?


Caz asked  a little while back what I thought and I said I didn't know. Probably. I could have added nothing else seems to be working.

Should Israel attack Iran? In the shifting sands right now my opinion for what it is worth is no. At least not alone. It can't be done.

The truth is most of  the Arab world, Turkey and Europe would be delighted if the Israelis did the honours and did all the bleeding. Again.Why wouldn't they? A nuclear Iran is just as much a threat to them as Israel.

They would then turn on Israel like three hyena packs on the edge of starvation.

It is a trap. To hell with them. If it is to be done it is to be done with NATO.  Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states too would be welcome.. Best of all leave Israel out of it. Wouldn't that be nice?

Let them all dwell on the prospect of what a brave new world this will be the day the mullahs announce they have the warheads and the means to deliver them as far as London and have let off a big bang in the Iranian hinterland to prove it..

Maybe the newly reinstalled Taliban will let them have what's left of those Buddhas as a ground zero test site.

Think what a wonderful world it will be. Just like the song. . A world in which the Nazis have nukes but so do the Jews. A world that has already forgotten that the eradication of the Jews was not even the beginning of the Nazis plans for the world. .

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  1. "To hell with them. If it is to be done it is to be done with NATO."

    Absolutely correct! Iran is baiting Israel while preparing to attack. Signing the deal with Hamas and sending troops and arms into Syria are preparations to destroy Israel in response to what they hope will be a pre-emptive strike by Israel.

    Iran won't initiate a direct attack against Israel as it will ultimately lead to the destruction of the Iranian regime with the approval of the rest of the world. (That is unless Obama gets another term in which case they might reasonably believe that Israel won't get much in the way of US support.)

    Israel needs to hold back and prepare well. I can't see the neighbouring Sunni countries being able to live with a Syria dominated by Iran for very long. Israel should do more to publicise its second strike capability rather than talk up a pre-emptive strike.

  2. Thank you for comment Greek Fire

    Here are comments from the cross post at Israel Thrives

    Mike L.September 23, 2012 10:44 AM

    It seems clear to me that the only country that may prevent Iranian nukes is Israel.

    The US under Obama is weak.


    Shirl in OzSeptember 23, 2012 10:15 PM

    Guys, it can't be done.

    I don't have the time to go into the logistics of it, unless of course Israel has some secret weapon we aren't aware of. My husband is ex-military and keeps very much abreast of things 'military', we have discussed it at length many times.

    I also found this article which pretty much says it all.

    Mike L.September 23, 2012 10:24 PM

    so what you are telling us is that Iran is sure to get nuclear weaponry in the not too distant future.

    Barack Obama is clearly not going to prevent Iranian nukes and what you are telling us is that Israel has not the capacity to do so.

    If so, this means that Iran will gain nuclear weapons soon and what that means is that the Jewish dream of freedom is done.

    The whole point of Israel is so that Jews will no longer live or die according to the whims of non-Jews. If Zionism means anything, it certainly means that.

    If Iran goes nuclear Jewish life will depend on the good-will of a much larger Islamist country that calls it a cancer and a disease and that has vowed its destruction