Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Note From Israel


Tonight is Kol Nidrei*


"It is not generally known that Israel has taken and is taking significant steps to ease the Palestinian Authority’s financial difficulties. 

"In a conference of donor countries in New York last week, the Israel representative listed a package of steps which Israel is taking to assist the Palestinians, notwithstanding that so-called donor nations have not been rushing to meet the Palestinians’ request for aid recently.

"The Netanyahu government has been making transfers of tax monies collected in Israel on behalf of the Palestinians and has even given them an advance of some four hundred million shekels to help the Authority pay salaries. Israel has approved 14 projects to build and renovate schools and clinics for Palestinians in areas under full Israeli control. 

"Israel has added 5,000 work permits for Palestinians to come and work inside Israel and a further 2,000 overnight permits to allow Palestinian labourers to work in construction and farming and sleep on site. All told, some 48,000 Palestinians now work legally inside Israel and a further 26,000 have permits to work inside industrial zones in the settlement regions. It is estimated that 30,000 more are working illegally in Israel without permits. Salaries paid to all these people are more than double to salaries they could earn from the PA. In addition, Israel has approached European and other countries to encourage financial aid for the Palestinians.

"All this at a time when the Palestinian leadership refuses point-blank to negotiate a peace treaty, educates its youth to hate Israel, encourages shahid or martyrdom in killing Israelis and has now applied for temporary membership in the United Nations which if received could permit them to go to the international courts in the Hague, claiming Israel is guilty of war crimes.

"We are sending this to relatives and friends because it is worth publicising.

"Tomorrow night and Wednesday are Yom Kippur and we pray for peace and goodwill everywhere."

Eleanor and Malcolm

G  - It is the Europeans who should be praying for peace and forgiveness. And the US President. And the anti-Israel Christians.  

*In Australia. This blog is set to US West Coast time.

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