Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pat Condell's take on Islam


This is Pat Condell's latest video. It's a week old which makes it geriatric and I like that.

I watched it within minutes of it arriving in my inbox and very nearly put it up right away as I usually do with Condell's stuff.

Something stayed my trembling mouse finger.. Watch the video and guess.

A week ago was the height of the Islamic global moron riot and world dummy spit competition.  Pat's video was  in the heat of the moment so I gave it a week to cool down to see what it looks like well .. now really..

Condell's perspective is global as it should be and as an atheist  he has no time for religion of any kind. Any secularist should feel the same when it comes to the affairs of state. Your God might speak to you but not to me, Simple really, There is no other way religion can be free,

He has disappeared the distinction between Islam and Political Islam  and now that Political Islam has spread so far and fast since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 that brought this horror to power in Iran (so firmly and up front on the watch of Jimmy [no American soldier has died in a foreign war on my watch] Carter) how can you not?

Think how quick that was. 1979 Iran.

Now Political Islam is dominant or insurgent from Tunisia to Pakistan. Turkey. Egypt  Libya. Lebanon, Sudan and across Africa. Yemen.

 Just look at those dingos  right now gathered and jumping for poor bloody Syria to drop like a wounded possum from a tree and by Syria I mean the long suffering Syrian people.

They are all there waiting and doing their best to keep the fires burning.   AQ.   MB of course. You can be certain Iran and Hezbollah. They have cooked Assad's goose among them as you would expect them to and all that remains is the carve up.

But I digress.

Condell ignores  the vast number of Muslims who just want to practice their religion in peace and do so.. He also ignores those who would love to do so if they had the opportunity
Unfortunately they are all in Muslim countries.

There is an opportunity for free Muslims to turn this around.

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