Monday, September 10, 2012

Australians for Palestine on Mars


Daphne Anson drew attention to this at the time of the most recent Byron Bay Die Jew State Die Bigot Blast From the Past. It's a mouthful but they are into a  12 bar blues jail house jihadist rap  around Byron Bay these days.  It's the next big thing.

During the Marrickville Council outrage last year a Sydney activist asked a group of the  BDS deadbeats from the local degree nursery what  "river" did they mean when they chant "river to the sea". They didn't know. Not one of them.

You could not make this stuff up and you could not doubt it either.

This originally from the website of Australians for Palestine. 

On July 25th ... owner of Saffron restaurant who happens to be Palestinian posted this world map from the early 1700, showing the state of Palestine. His caption was “We need more world maps that are correct, such as this one!” ...'

Early 1700's?
Let's see now

Syria 1941
Saudi Arabia 1921
Jordan  1946
Iraq  1931
UAE  1971
Iran  1935
Kuwait 1961  ...

Really this is just too dumb. This is the official voice of the Australian "Palestinian" protest movement we hear. They can't even be bothered to make an effort with the lies. They don't really care it's all a crock anyway.

 But this was too bleeding obvious. The map from the 1700's looks like it was a special give-away promotion with every McCombo happy family  in a Riyadh McDonald's restaurant.  

 So they changed it and threw in a poem. That should fix it :

by Samah Sabawi   -   The Palestine Chronicle   -   3 September 2012
(When a young Palestinian-American restaurant owner posted a photo of what he believed to be a historic, pre-1948 globe-map of Palestine on his facebook page, he was attacked for posting an ‘offensive’ map that replaced Israel with Palestine.

So that's alright then. 1700 has become " he believed to be pre-1948". Even though it isn't. It is just some kind of child like forgery.

Of course it is offensive.  Ignorance this vile crossed with naked bigotry is always offensive. 

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