Friday, September 14, 2012

Father Dave Finds God

.. and he is a Jewish atheist socialist anarchist who has spent a lifetime preaching that the police and the military of the Western liberal democracies are the moral equivalent of  Al Quada and that the murderous and vile regime in Tehran that wages war  against  its own population is the moral equivalent of Jerusalem, Washington, Paris, London or Canberra.

 Here is Noam Chomsky on Christianity and religion
"Christianity… happens to be the religion of the major imperial powers. By far the greatest power and means of violence in the world happen to be in the Christian states."
“The Bible is one of the most genocidal books in history.” 
“Since Jimmy Carter, religious fundamentalists play a major role in elections. He was the first president who made a point of exhibiting himself as a born again Christian. That sparked a little light in the minds of political campaign managers: Pretend to be a religious fanatic and you can pick up a third of the vote right away. Nobody asked whether Lyndon Johnson went to church every day. Bill Clinton is probably about as religious as I am, meaning zero, but his managers made a point of making sure that every Sunday morning he was in the Baptist church singing hymns.” 
Which brings us back to Father Dave:
Here is Fr David Smith on Noam Chomsky.

Here is Noam Chomsky at his best – surely one of the greatest minds of this present age, and certainly one of the most insightful political commentators and lucid communicators.
Chomsky is surely right – that the only thing Iran threatens in the Middle East is the total regional dominance of the US and Israel.
Why is it so difficult for people to see this? That’s a question for the psychologists to answer (and perhaps the sociologists) but Chomsky uses a clever technique here to help us stand outside our prejudices for a moment and look at the situation in a different light.  How different things would appear if the boot of hegemony was on the other foot!
Let’s push this article around and see if it will help a few more people to open their eyes as to what is really going on in our world!
Father Dave

Noam Chomsky on Israel and BDS.
"BDS is hypocritical to the high heavens. Anything that targets Israel alone can be attacked as antisemitism and "unfortunately this is with justice". It harms the "whole movement". It is bullying because "it's picking on the little guy." It harms the Palestinians and this is so obvious it is probably intentional. It is a gift to the Israeli hardliners and their American supporters. "You may as well just join AIPAC and be done with it".

 No one would deny the old goat is as cunning as a shtetl rat as they say in Saudi Arabia. He knows when the dickheads are on a loser. They should listen to the man.

How does this help Israelis and their foreign supporters who still believe there is a chance for peace? For that matter how does this help Palestinians and moderate Muslims everywhere that still feel there is a chance for peace?
 One global antisemitic campaign after another aimed at tearing down the Jewish state in close synchronisation with vicious and violent antisemitic attacks everywhere unmatched in intensity since the Nazi era. 
Father David Smith and his colleagues need to be very clear about one central fact. Israel is not about to dissolve like a pillar of salt as if it was the old apartheid regime in South Africa. Israel is not the old apartheid regime in South Africa and those who would suggest this racist lie must be confronted.
Why not accept the Jewish state? It's been there for over sixty years now and it is one of the most successful and productive nations on the planet. That deluded old American man may actually believe that the US can be persuaded to abandon Israel as if it was the old apartheid regime in South Africa by some kind of American domestic campaign, but he of course is plain crazy. His job ultimately is to persuade Americans to abandon America. Israelis have their version. So does Australia. Every country does. It's just that in some countries they are free to say what they like and in other countries they get their heads chopped off and in the United States they are the freest of all.
 Surely that is the whole point on the subject of human rights.It is also at the very core of the relationship between the American and Israeli peoples and that's just for a start.
The nasty old hard core left just don't get that.
Sooner or later they they must answer this question
Is there space for the Jewish state between the river and the sea?
BDS says no.
Fatah says no.
Hamas says kill all the Jews.
So do a lot of other people as we have just seen here..
Where do you stand Father David Smith?
Noam Chomsky can have the last word.
“In many respects, the United States is a great country. Freedom of speech is protected more than in any other country. It is also a very free society. In America, the professor talks to the mechanic. They are in the same category.” 
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