Saturday, September 22, 2012

Have A Peaceful Day

This is an edited version of a comment I have just now put on US based friend blog Israel Thrives that I share with visitors from Europe, Israel and Australia for what it's worth. 

I'm sorry Mike that the cross posting is down and the quality even lower. This work can be chilling for the soul sometimes as I guess you know and sometimes you need a rest. I read and appreciate everything you and the others write.

Thanks. To you all.

I've been thinking about how much we have come to expect as normal in so short a time.

Antisemitic death threats for example but the list is long.

Clerical antisemitism about as vile as it gets,  Islamic, Christian and Jewish, straight out of the blood soaked centuries  through Luther, the Dark Ages and beyond, now united in conviction that the Jews of the Middle East now concentrated in Israel have no civil rights at all or must leave or be beheaded. For a start.  

Where the bloody hell did that suddenly come from?

Since when were the fucking religious lunatics back in charge?

The resurgence of vile antisemitic propaganda everywhere. The self censorship from straight out intimidation. Don't mention the ... or ... will get real upset and cut your baby's throat. Literally.

Just shut up about ... . Don't draw attention to yourself. Otherwise if you get hurt or have to go in to hiding it's your own fault. If others get hurt too that's your fault as well. Just shut up. 

But hang on.

US civil authorities putting some deluded nobody with a rap sheet and an axe to grind through some midnite perp run (is that the term?) watched from everywhere with the full resources of the authorities and the media. In the US? 

That's something new.

Isn't it? 

In the land of the First Amendment?

Australia doesn't have a constitutional equivalent to the First Amendment. For the first time in my life I wish we had. What we have is of much weaker stuff. If this is lost in the US it is lost every where.  

Why the witch hunt? Because a strange man uploaded some piece of garage made garbage that I haven't been able to watch past about the two minute mark even though I immediately linked it to this blog.

It should go without saying that was not to insult Muslims. It was out of respect for Muslims. At least the ones that are deserving of respect and there are many brave Muslims and even braver former Muslims..  We owe it to them to see the insult for ourselves. As much of it as we need to. It didn't take long.

As an aside, were they ever disappointed when the Producer turned out not to be an Israeli. Not even a Jew. Not even one in sight  even in LA. .It took the BBC two days to admit it. I don't think the Guardian has got around to it yet. Iran never will. 

I post this here because it is just past sundown where I am. I hope you had a peaceful day. I did not want to risk interrupting that with unpeaceful thoughts.

I have come to respect the view that we all need a rest every now and then for the sake of the soul. Once a week sounds as good an idea as any. 

At least.


  1. That's a sad fucking list, Geoffff. And all too true. Well, I guess that's the sad part of it, of course.

    "As an aside, were they ever disappointed when the Producer turned out not to be an Israeli. Not even a Jew. Not even one in sight even in LA. .It took the BBC two days to admit it. I don't think the Guardian has got around to it yet. Iran never will."

    Nor will certain 'progressives' who were gleefully spreading that lie right out of the gate, including the regular visitor at Mike's site. 'Oops.' I guess being an antisemite means never having to say you're sorry...

    I gotta start taking a regular day of rest, myself. Really is good for the soul. I'll start soon...

  2. Thank you Jay and welcome to the blogroll

  3. Sands are shifting beneath our feet, Geoffff.

    But like I just told our friend Dan B., it's always good to take some time to smell the roses. Laurie and I just got in from the California Delta where we did not catch a damn thing. But what a beautiful day it was. Just pure freedom.

    So, yeah, I am happy to honor the Sabbath. I am not particularly religious, but I do like to go fishing, after all.


    Nonetheless, I very much share your concerns, as you know and we're all scanning the horizon for insights and for possibilities of action and for threats.

    This is because we're Jews and this is all we have known for millennia and little, really, has changed. They still tell us just why we are a menace and they continue to threaten our physical well-being, as individuals and as a group.

    There is no question about that.

    I suppose the main question before us is the extent to which the west, and the US, in particular, is wavering in its commitment to freedom and its founding values.

    I do not know the answer to that question.

    But I am with you, my friend.

    It seems to me that we need Jewish people throughout the diaspora to talk with one another and that is why I am very happy to talk with you and with Shirlee and with Daphnee.

    And we need to encourage Americans not to vote for Barack Obama.

    But do not despair.

    The Jewish people are going to be around (and kicking ass) for a long, long time to come.