Sunday, February 10, 2013

Antisemite Trolls J-Wire


A thoughtful piece from a Jewish New Zealander at J-Wire.  New Zealand is another country that has been lost to the tsunami of antisemitism.  Will they never learn?  New Zealanders will regret this soon enough.

Check out the vile comments by some slimy antisemite who is allowed to post there

Europe Performs According to a Well Worn Script…writes Michael Kuttner.

February 8, 2013 by Michael Kuttner
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Anyone familiar with the Continent of Europe’s relationships with Jews will know only too well that it is an almost unending litany of hate, delegitimisation, expulsions and murderous mayhem.
Michael Kuttner
Michael Kuttner
For the last 2,000 years there has hardly been a sustained period when Jewish communities could feel safe and secure in the knowledge that their contributions to respective countries would be rewarded with tolerance and full civil rights. Even after the French Revolution when they could have expected an era of respect, the poisonous seeds of anti Jewish hatred, planted so well in the fertile soil of France, sprouted forth in ever increasing potency. These germs incubated by the Church and nurtured over centuries, spread pandemic like to all corners of the Continent, so that by the time the German people democratically elected the National Socialist Party to power in 1933, the inevitable catastrophe of the Holocaust was an unstoppable outcome.
However, we know now in retrospect, that had the Democracies taken early and energetic action, the scourge of the Swastika could have been snuffed out and the looming catastrophe averted. Had the Democracies been really serious they could have stopped the well published plans for genocide in its tracks. If the rest of the world had shown even an ounce of compassion, Jews fleeing Europe could have found safe havens, even on a temporary basis, in host countries far distant from the impending explosion. Moreover if more Jews would have learnt from their past history and taken earlier heed of the writing on the wall, the number who might have escaped from the blighted Continent of Europe may well have been greater. All this is in the past but the lessons for Jews today is as relevant as it ever was back then.
Surveying the European landscape today one is struck by the eerie similarity of events unfolding according to a well worn script with the main characters performing as though nothing is amiss and the consequences can be safely ignored. It is a tragedy of Jewish history that many never seem to learn and are therefore doomed to repeat the same tragedies. It is also a sad fact that most of the countries of Europe have still not been able to shake off the longest running virus of Jew hatred which today has mutated into hatred for the Jewish State. It takes just a moment to survey what is happening today and the echoes of the recent and distant past come crashing to the fore.


  1. We have a problem Geoff.

    Unlike those on the loony left, Henry believes in free speech and therefore unless it's highly offensive etc he will post it.

    He moderates because he let a comment stand a few years ago and was taken to the cleaners by a couple of Muslims. Fortunately David Singer did all the legal work pro bono.

    Ben Eleijah unfortunately is one of the 'enemy within' pure scum

  2. I've had some shocking arguments in the past with Kiwi journalists. Matt Mcarten being the worst and he is part Maori

  3. The problem is far far worse than we think Shirl.

    I posted a comment on that site saying exactly what I thought of the gutless scum antisemite Ben Elejiah.

    Henry has chosen not to publish it.

    Antizionism = Antisemitism

    It's the truth and we need to spread the truth for everybody's sake. Soon it will be too late.

    1. Geoff when did you post it? Is that all you posted?

      I also suggest you use the name Geoff and not Geoffff, he doesn't like people not using their correct names. He is a bit of a funny bugger. I've had plenty of run-ins with him

      I'd say it's gone astray. Henry would have posted that

      Remember he doesn't post comments on shabbos

    2. Geoffff is my correct name. At least closer to my correct name than Geoff is.

      I posted it after shabbos. I don't mind I suppose, after all it is his site but it is over the horizon of my imagination that he publishes crap from nasty little antisemites like Ben Elejiah but not me.

  4. That needs to be understood as a given.

    Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitic because anti-Zionism denies what it accepts for everyone else on the planet, autonomy and self-defense. Particularly given the history of the Jewish people it is obvious that denying us a means of self-defense is anti-Semitic on its face.

    One of the big problems that Jews have as a people is that increasing numbers of westerners, usually on the political left,, have come to accept anti-Zionism as just another part of their constituency.

    It's unacceptable and we need to make them understand that it is unacceptable.

    1. Exactly. Even though it has now got to the point that unless you run your own blog you are not allowed to say it. Apparently it is defamatory or something.

      Antizionism = Antisemitism

      It's the truth. So sue me.

  5. Re: 'anti-Zionism' - I used to see them given an 'out' of sorts at places like Daily Kos every once in a while, as in the mere 'anti-Zionist' could claim that they're not antisemitic because they allegedly oppose the existence of all nation-states, not just the Jewish one.

    "Oh, okay then..."

    No, not okay then.

    Because 1) these people are not taking action (even if only in the form of internet comments) to dismantle Greece, the United States, China, Germany, etc etc. and 2) Israel, the world's sold Jewish nation, already exists, and dismantlement of same is not up for debate.

    Therefore, my conclusion is also that all 'anti-Zionism,' when it comes from either non-Jews or Jews like David Harris-Gershon, is antisemitism. Although I'd make an exception for certain anti-Zionist Jewish religious sects (while they're not driven by a hatred of Jews, I do think they're nuts, however), I can understand if others would not feel it's worth it to draw that distinction, especially when it comes to those who cozy up to the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

  6. " ... they're not antisemitic because they allegedly oppose the existence of all nation-states, not just the Jewish one."

    Then why don't they start their good work closer to home?

    How someone can say that and keep a straight face is beyond me.