Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What is this? Church of England Sunday School TV?


Fr David Smith and Rev Stephen Sizer have been this way at least in spirit. In the case of Sizer probably in person.  There can be no other explanation for the medieval visceral Jew hatred straight from the word of God.  Teach your children well.

Muslims like this hate  Jews because they have turned their faith in God into a religion of hate.  Exactly like those Christians before them from who they have learnt every move and every racist lie.

They have sucked this in with their mothers' milk. They learnt it from Christians like Sizer and Smith who preach it still even after a thousand years and more. It never really went away. These Christians have always been around as we all know. Just keeping a low profile until the climate changed once again as they knew it surely would.

They did not even have the grace to wait until the last of the survivors from their last enormous joint effort to advance humankind have passed on .

Now that Jew genocide is back on the menu they are also back and up front. They wouldn't miss this for all the baking blood of Passover.

 Sizer and Smith and the rest have seen the opportunity to come out once again in passionate support of those who want the remaining Jews of the Middle East and the world dead and gone as their God promised them they would be by now a thousand times before.

We are in the presence of a bigotry so vile it threatens to defile the human condition for a thousand years more.

hat tip Pat Condell

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