Thursday, October 11, 2012


Ah dear.

Now Richard has taken the high moral ground at Connexions. Why does that not surprise?

Orcs to the left of him. Atheist antisemites to the right. Australians all  around. You've gotta feel for the guy.. .

". I haven’t removed geofffff from the blog. I did get fed up of having to tell him, as I’m telling my new atheist friend, to remain polite. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, as you know, but my patience with EA is wearing very thin now. I’m intrigued though. How is Daphne allowed to post this stuff “as an example of how anti-Semites think”, where on my site it is “giving a platform”."

I'm not having this Richard.

You banned me from this thread for saying that antizionism is the new antisemitism.  It's there for all to see.

I know I admitted to liking to think it was for being impolite, not listening and not doing as I'm told .. but mate  ... have a look at your own thread ...

 I was having a lend!

You know?

Humour?  Aussie humour? Jewish humour? Any humour?

Forget it.  It's probably illegal in Wales by now.

"mewling about being ‘banned’"
"I don’t want to legitimise such toxic comment. So I’m done here."
" ... let him fling shit in his own house"
" ... a lie"
"  ...orc end of the blogosphere"

Let me be quite clear about this Richard.

I don't know how you expect people to behave on your blog but in my culture people having a conversation do it eye to eye. If someone in that conversation wants to talk that way about me or to me then honestly that is fine.

Just don't expect me to take a backward step.  Like  any other Australian.

Do they do things differently in Wales?

Not from my experience.

Besides admit it. It was mostly on other blogs anyway and if you had your way would never have seen the light of day.

"Hardly. It’s not as if this anonymous atheist is posting anything original or surprising. The only positive thing I can think to say about his comments is that they do cut across friend geoffff’s narrative of anti-Semitism as a characteristic of the left. My guess is that on most other subjects their politics would be broadly the same."

I'm not having that either Richard.  In fact I'm especially not having that.

You know nothing about my general politics other than like everyone else I know  I will welcome the opportunity to vote the Australian government out of office as a deciding majority of Australians do right now.

And I hope that Obama will be consigned to history just like I believe a deciding majority of Americans do right now or will after the foreign policy debate.

My politics are out there because I am outspoken. I use a pen name now for reasons of security and privacy -- not just my own ---  but you know my name and so do a number of your readers.

I am a supporter of liberal secular democracy and I am on the side of human rights.

I am a supporter of these because I am a supporter of peace.

No more war

I am a supporter of Western values and liberties and I believe them to be at risk.

I am appalled at the direction the Islamic Revolution has taken a  whole slab of humankind and  I fear where it will lead.

This is because I am a supporter of human rights and peace.

I am a supporter of Israel and the rights of its citizens to their secular liberal democracy.

This is because I am a supporter of human rights and peace.

 I am  a supporter of  self determination for the "Palestinians". Also all other Arab peoples especially those going through hell right now and also in particular the Iranian people who  are especially close to my heart.

May their lives in the dark end soon.

Eternal Atheist on the other hand is an obnoxious and impossibly pompous coward and nasty violent minded bigot.

And you put me in the same category and therefore anoint yourself impartial by being in the middle.

If your moral radar was functioning properly you should have spotted what EA was in a second. Everyone else did.

That's offensive. Please do not misunderstand me because you will never be under any threat of litigation from me. I'm not that petty a man.  But you might like to sound out any lawyer acquaintance about the possible implications of talk like that the next time you are talking to one.

I also have the  EA  comment and I will be putting it up on my blog. Straight after this.

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