Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Last Word at Connexions

Richard 10.10.12 at 3:33 pm
Not likely to be back at my computer for the foreseeable so I think we’ll leave it at that. Everyone has surely had their say.
Kim 10.10.12 at 4:04 pm
Mind, Richard, a comment from George Carey would nicely round off the general insanity!
Avraham Reiss 10.10.12 at 7:51 pm
Where would we all be without Kim and rice-pudding?

The antisemitic comment briefly posted on Richard's blog is below. I put it here for the record. It should go without saying that I have no difficulty accepting that these are not Richard's views and he in no way endorses them.  I say it anyway.

There is something truly quite extraordinary about this war against Israel and the Jews.

This most unjust of all wars.

 The stakes could not be higher.

It is a war between modernity and the endless bounty it promises for all and the medieval mind at its most vile.

Will the Jews survive  if Israel is lost? 

A question asked in the wrong dimension. What Jews. What world. 

That it is  a battle for Jerusalem could not be a plot written by a human hand.

Some Christians badly need to look much deeper into their souls on this. If that sounds like moralising well  ... hey .. what can I tell you?   There need be no more war at all. At least support the side that wants peace.

Eternal Atheist 10.08.12 at 4:17 pm

Richard I’ve been reading these slinging matches between yourself and these other sock puppets with great intrigue. To preface my interest I’d just like air my main concerns as a citizen of a western country, namely that the politics of zionism are an extreme danger when its tentacles reach so far into every aspect of modern western governance yet our media is gagged about even mentioning its existance let alone the depths of its influence. It surely is a form of politic beyond simple hypocrisy as our leaders quietly pledge their allegiance to these radical zealots yet we have no ability to air an objection without a venemous and mendacious onslaught from the pro-zionits creepy crawlies that inhabit the net, scurrying from the light of objective discourse (which I imagine is by design)

I can’t but help empathise with your situation. I may even feel some sympathy for you beacause what feeds their appetite is the fact that your are a believer.

Being atheist makes the argument so much simpler. These people are tragically deranged.
It is one thing for me to tolerate someone that believes in a god, yet its another completely different matter when a person thinks god has chosen them above and beyond all others. That my friend is known as a clinical mental disorder.

There are no ifs and buts in the matter, they’re simply experiencing mass dellusioment and it is incredulous to me that they are at the epicentre of global politics. So what does one do?
Simple, as a scientist I used my skills to study their culture and what I found still intrigues me to this day. As as far as I can tell their god is not some supernetural spiritual entity, thats merely the cloak with which they conceal their motives, their god is their own will. They place themselves and their ilk first and foremost, regardless of the semantic permutations required to achieve the ends.

They conflate terminology willingly. Zionism and Judaism are merely terms used to distance themselves from their actions. They are at once interchangable and yet mutually exclusive depending on the circumstance. They wrap their pshycotic rantings in a thick cloak of impentrability to retain the appearance of righteousness and infalibility and they tragically think that most of humankind has no capacity to see their actions for what they are.

Their avarice is boundless and their paranoia so deepseated from generations of forefathers indoctrinating them that everyone is out to get them that they frantically patrol the net for any slight opinion which may question the authenticity of their own pathological ivory tower with software like MEGAPHONE. They even conduct training exercises for the anointed to rewrite wikipedia articles.

Lastly and most poiniently they will only ever stop portraying themselves as victims when the cost of being a victim is no longer more than the benefit it derives. 
My only wish in life is to have access to primary sources of Manethos writtings not the twisted and biased rantings of what he apparently said by the Jew Flavius Josephus. Strangely, these primary sources no longer exist, maybe therein lies the real answer. If people can lie by ommision then it is also possible to ascertain the truth by what has been ommited. 

I once asked a christian what god he believed in and his response was resolute, “The god of Abraham” I was suitably amused and as such delved into bronze age culture for the true roots of the Habiru/ Israelites and the real meanings behind the OT. As an atheist this is has been a revelation. There are things in the OT that betray Abrahams real contribution to political thought, they just need to be understood in the light of bronze age culture not through the myopic lens of contempory religious thought. A little off topic I know, but you must realize there are other ways to combat their vitriolic defense and pious ownership of history - the very tools with which they manipulate the world today.

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