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A Classic Case of Christian Antisemitism


Have a look at this post from Father Roy at Jew Hate "Only Antizionists Here"  Central .

Striving for war and genocide in the Holy Land in the name of the Church of England.

"Here’s an interesting offering from American cartoonist, Nina Paley.
"I'm not sure what the author’s intentions were in putting this 3-minute musical/cartoon/video together but it is certainly helpful in terms of the big picture – in terms of giving us an historical perspective as to who owns the land of Israel/Palestine.
"It is curious, I think, that most Jews who claim ownership of the land do so on religious grounds (‘God gave us this land’, etc.) whereas the Torah itself makes clear that no one but God Himself owns it.
"‘The land must not be sold permanently, because the land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants.” (Leviticus 25:23)

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 Sure thing Roy. Like herpes.

This is a case of Christian antisemitism pretty much as clear as it gets in public. It is chilling that it is so loose and casual. You can be certain it gets worse when they think no one is listening.  . 

The Anglican Church would likely own more property world wide than the State of Israel several times over. Father Roy's theological reach would impress  if he applied his idea of God given property law to Church land so as to divest the Church of lawful occupancy in the eyes of man.. 

Or anyone else. Any other state, country, company, organisation, religion, people or person.  

He can not of course. He has been careful about this. This is a theology that applies only to the Jews. "Most of them" because this is what the Jews believe themselves in what  is their only claim to the land. Their own religious texts and traditions.

As if legal ownership means nothing. As if the State of Israel means nothing.  As if the law means nothing at all. 

As if even the existence of Jewish texts from and about the land a thousand years and more before there was Christianity and another thousand years before Islam  some how in some mystical religious way dissolve  the legal rights of modern Jews and the very legitimacy of the modern Jewish state like salt in water.

Only the Jews. No other people. Especially not Muslims.  Only the State of Israel. No other country.  Especially not "Palestine".

Father Roy will swear on his bible that he is not an antisemite. Perhaps that's the problem.

The video is pretty cool however.

 Poignant in an angel of death sort of way. Owes a fair bit to South Park I think.

 Mike noted it at Israel Thrives a week before Father Roy.

Hate to quibble with a cartoon especially one that has done so much work on getting its history right ( the guy with the hammer is right on the nail) but ...

...the British showing up in tanks and guns and blasting the     out of Arabs carrying swords is by any stretch not really a fair artistic portrayal of the First World War, and the capture of the region by the British and allies including the Jewish Legion from Turkish and German forces, in a war that Arabs were noteworthy mainly for their neutrality. To put it charitably. 

The usual dose of moral equivalence of course. It is so standard a part of the landscape whatever the medium that you hardly notice it. It would be striking without it. 

Perhaps Chomsky is the angel of death. I thought I noticed a resemblance.

My comment  on this antsemitc site

It really is a serious misstatement of truth that "most Jews who claim ownership of the land do so on religious grounds".

Ignorance this profound has no excuse. Some one can not possibly make this claim in good faith in 2012. It is a symptom of moral ambivalence about even the most basic of human rights.

Only a bigot of the worst kind would seek to deny Israel's legitimacy on any grounds but especially on religious grounds. It seems to me that is exactly what you do. It is quite sinister.

Your religious beliefs have crossed a barrier of  ordinary  decency.   You need to look into your soul.

Geoffff's Joint Bar and Grill

Father Roy and the other guardians of Christian moral standard at Palestine and Israel  (with the merged flag logo)  declined to publish the comment.

What a surprise.

It's probably the rudest thing that's ever been said to them.

These guys are in mind lock down. They just don't get it. They are in an unfortunate pocket of the extremist religious mind that allows them to see the world as if they are wandering a carnival maze full of trick mirrors where "Palestine" looms huge, Syria hardly at all and the humans rights of women and minorities in Muslim lands including even Christians are all fat and skinny and distorted. Comical and grotesque. Look away. Quick.

Stalin famously had his "useful idiots" as he cheerfully called them after an audience while drinking with his henchmen vassals later. One of these has already popped up here. The Red Dean of Canterbury. .  You can see Stalin half full of vodka roaring with laughter now.

There is no excuse for the Red Dean but at least he could pass for English eccentricity. Orwell had cruelly referred to the Church of England as the Tory Party at prayer. One idiot it could spare.

 How many idiots are there now?

It really is the most extraordinary thing. Christians clerics as far away as Sydney who have committed themselves to an impossible and monstrous struggle against the Jews of the Middle East and  against all Jews   that can only lead to violence and never-ending war .

This struggle they support and pray for demands the unthinkable. It means surrendering everything. It will be fought by every sacrifice as every free man and woman would. You would have to be an antisemite not to see that in an instant.

They demand dhimmitude or death on religious grounds and they have the support of these Christian clerics on religious grounds.There is something in their religious minds that allows them to set aside the earthly secular human rights bestowed by man made law on Jews and Israel as if they never existed. Them and them alone.

It then demands the assimilation of a political culture that refuses assimilation by its very nature. A political culture that  is fresh from the Dark Ages in its hateful oppressive misogyny, superstition, intolerance, cruel ignorance, permanent violence, war and  barbarism. . Look at it.

You  first.

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