Sunday, July 20, 2014

Meanwhile The Israelis Are Firing Warning Missiles.


Samah Sabawi on what she perceives Israel is about in Gaza, at New Matilda

The Real Agendas of Israel: More Death, More Destruction

By samah sabawi

Israel's real agenda in Gaza is not to find peace, but to further impoverish and oppress the Palestinian people, writes Samah Sabawi.
What drives Israel’s war on Gaza? It is not the need to weaken Hamas nor to stop the rockets. Both goals were almost achieved back in April.
On the 23rd of April, Hamas was in its worst strategic position ever. The Palestinian faction that has ruled over Gaza since winning the elections in 2006 had lost significant public support.
Hamas had not been able to pay civil servants for months and was facing a severe financial crisis after losing its allies in the region with the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the ongoing war in Syria, and the disruption of its life supplies when the tunnels that connected Gaza to Egypt were mostly destroyed by the Egyptian government.
The Rafah crossing was firmly shut, the supply of electricity at its lowest, the gas supplies almost depleted and the entire population was pushing for a change.
With its back to the wall, Hamas had no option but to reach out to the Palestinian Authority (PA,) and agree to all conditions laid down by its president Mahmoud Abbas.

The full piece and comments in progress here. 
In reply, on-site and as close as a blog like this can get

Posted Sunday, July 20, 2014 - 22:47
This really is not so difficult .
Hamas seized Gaza after an "election" in 2006 that proved to be the last and then a series of sleazy street battles against rival factions on both its left and right that included, shooting the children of rivals outside their schools, throwing rival officials from their office windows some floors up and summarily executing rival gangs in the streets.
Just so you know the sort of people the Israelis are handling right now..
After the civil wars,  Hamas launched a terrorist war against Israel and has again declared a terrorist war in the most vile way imaginable.
Hamas fights this war by deploying the "dead baby" strategy,  that involves
  • Deliberately placing civilians in harms way by storing and firing munitions from homes, schools, mosques and public places such as beaches and ordering civilians back to or remain in places where they had received warnings from the IDF to evacuate.
  • With the very active assistance of the media everywhere distribute as widely  as possible within Gaza, Middle East and abroad  images of civilians injured or killed, especially children, including where necessary and without hesitation children killed in other conflicts or by Hamas itself
  • Use these images to whip up war hatred against the Jews and Israel by evoking deeply rooted and carefully nurtured racist vilification of the worst kind.
Under the screen of this, Hamas wages a terrorist war against the civilians of Israel using all the ample resources it and its deep pocketed sponsors have  . 
Gaza could so easily have had peace and prosperity. The Israelis left for free the infra structure for a multibillion dollar export industry. They looted and destroyed it.  Instead they chose this. 
This is what nazi, war crazy regimes do and this is what this one is doing now.  
Hamas and the ugly sisters are a threat to the world but most of all they are a terrible and imminent threat to the people of Gaza. 
Don't you just wish the people could just free themselves of this nazi regime and make peace?  Where they are, and with what they have, they could be a new Singapore within a generation.
Posted Sunday, July 20, 2014 - 23:15
There was no "occupation" after the Israelis left. There was no "blockade". There was a measure of free trade and not only with Israel. There was  an  international airport.  
Then came Hamas. Then Fatah dropped its ugly mask to show an even uglier face. 
Israel has reached a standard of precision in avoiding civilian casualties in urban war that has never been achieved before in history. Israel has consistently shown a far far far higher standard of care for the civilian population of Gaza than has the Gaza terrorist regime itself. 
If I was Palestinian I would be deeply disturbed by that truth. 
The enemy of the Palestinians is not Israel. A free, assertive and independent Palestine in economic union with Israel would be  the economic and cultural vortex of the region. Together the Israelis and Palestinians could prove to the world that you do not need oil to be prosperous and  free.
Hamas and the ugly sisters are the enemies of the Palestinian people.
Choose freedom. Choose peace. Choose modernity, life and progress. 

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