Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chris Murphy Is Out. Second Depraved Creep To Declare In A Day.


Will No One Care About The Children?
Not If They Are Jewish. Or Murdered By Hamas. Or Not His. 

Quiet please.  Chris Murphy has twitted.

A man who can say this in public has discarded even the pretence of bullshit dressed up as givashit for the victims of war, terrorism and genocide. He doesn't know the meaning of these words. Worse, he doesn't care about the meaning of the words. 

The truth is he doesn't give a stuff about such things and if you ever needed proof that Murphy does not give a flying slab of dead meat least of all about the "Palestinians", especially the kids, it is right here. This is about something else entirely.

Murphy is a man whose idea of public comment is a shove it up your face lie. The lie of the bully. No rational functioning mind is deployed here. Just a spitting overcooked stew of supercilious hypocrisy and bigotry. Ignorance is not only no excuse it is not even a plausible explanation. Cowardice is closer to the mark.

As if the IDF enjoys doing what it does. As if they target civilians.  As if there is not now a new standard on getting civilians in a war zone out of harm's way especially in the face of a determined enemy battle strategy to push them into harm's way.

Warning missiles for crying out loud. 

This is right in the middle of a modern battle and of course no one has any idea what is going on except perhaps the opposing commands. Everything else is noise and in Gaza it is Hamas that controls the noise, including a fair share of the explosions. 

Hamas is the source of all that the media has on how many casualties there are in Gaza and how many were civilians or fighting in the terrorist militias.  Hamas is the source on how many were children. Nearly always Hamas is the source on how they were killed.

This might perhaps trip a light tinkle of some distant warning bell over the horizon , you would hope, in these, hardened,  cynical minds. Murphy. Carlton. Lyons. Not a bit of it. When it comes to just this one issue, the masters of life weary skepticism seamlessly change into the big mothers of credulity.

There is no doubt that there is plenty of emotion in what Murphy thinks and says. It is a visceral thing with people like Murphy.

Brains and reason have little to do with it, it has nothing to do with the victims, past and present, and most of all nothing to do with confronting at any level the evil that causes all this.

The driving emotion is not empathy but a deep settled blinkered loathing that may well have crossed the line into some kind of impulsive focused hatred. It allows for no contemplation or nuance and certainly Murphy has passed into the territory of the bigot; but he is hardly alone in Sydney to occupy that territory.

He would not even have noticed when the neighbours first took to wearing pointy hats and covering their faces and setting fire to crosses.

Likely he is a regular on the Sydney new age BBQ circuit himself by now... darn dang it. That snide little piece of gratuitous filth he twitted would be routine dinner chit chat in his circles by now. Biting laser wit or searing razor irony or something. 1930's style. 

You might wonder if he has fitted out yet for the cloak, hood and riding boots. They say the initiation ceremony will take even him by surprize.

Murphy is a bloke who is more than happy with a scapegoat. That's all he needs in fact. Men like Murph have always been more than happy with a scapegoat. Any goat will do in a crisis for people like the Murph but a scapegoat makes them comprehensively content. One breed of scapegoat in particular has always had these guys looking foolish and drooling. Like a scene out of Ryan's Daughter.     

We have on self display here a man, for whatever reason,  crippled of a normal range of human emotion and for that matter reason. It may well be a contagion. Much of the bleeding you see is just for show and probably always has been. Murph has just shown us what he is about. 

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