Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Green? Racist.

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Can there be doubt about the racism of what's left of the Australian "left"?

Calling Israel an apartheid state is a racist lie.
It is also a lie that this is about the “Palestinians”. The ugly old hard left that now control the Greens does not give a rat’s arse about the Palestinians. They never have and they have been around for a long time. If they gave a damn at all they would be hollering from the rooftops for the liberation of these tragic people from the death grip of Hamas. For them, this is not about the Palestinians at all. Even less is it about the millions of people from Tunisia to Syria and beyond right now risking their lives in a desperate brave struggle for some of those freedoms that Israeli Arabs enjoy as of right and have for decades. For the old hard left, this is about something else entirely.
Like Israel, and unlike the filthy regimes in Gaza, Syria, Iran and across the Middle East, Australia is a free country and people are for now are still allowed to say what they think. So this is what I think.
There would have to be something truly odious about the character of a person who from the safety of Australia agitates for the destruction of Israel and the dispossession of Jews on the other side of the world of their property, human rights and life solely because they are Jews. You can only imagine how much worse that is if the ugly leftist happens to be a Jew, let alone an Israeli ex pat.
Australian Jews helped build this liberal democracy. We have been here from the start. We do not need “Israelis” with so little respect for the concepts of civil freedoms that they are even prepared to help feed the racist lies the anti-Zionists and other hard leftists and fascists spend their time spreading among people who don’t know better.
Are you opposed to Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state? Then you are a racist. Pure and simple. Go and buy a pointy hat. It will suit you.

You guessed it.  "Awaiting Moderation". 

So are the Muslim Brotherhood. And the Australian Greens.


And from

Eitan Timor, Mullumbimby

in this same journal of record

War and peace

What ‘Israel and Palestine Taboo’?
Israel’s actions are discussed many times from all possible angles. Here’s a taboo: President Assad killed in the past year more of his people than all the Palestinians that were killed in the Israel-Palestine conflict since it began. Combined. No word from certain activists.
‘Repeat a lie enough times and it will be believed.’ Is Israel an apartheid state? No. Please see this six-minute video: 
‘Israel wants more land!’ Is that why Israel withdrew from most of the occupied territories without a peace treaty?
When my mother was asked overseas, ‘Why don’t you guys end this conflict?’ she answered: ‘Look, people think different things about Jews, but there is, however, a consensus that Jews are smart. And if we can’t solve this problem for so long, it must be a difficult problem to solve.’ This was 20 years ago and is still true today.
Why don’t Israeli expats in the shire deal more with this conflict? I can’t speak on behalf of others but Israelis live with this conflict from birth. I didn’t come here to continue the fight. I came here to live in peace.

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