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The Future of the Australian Greens --- The "One Nation" Treatment


Very nearly exactly twelve months ago this blog posted this at Webdiary under one of its mysterious  nom de plumes.

Getting rid of extremists

The electoral Division of Melbourne is represented by Adam Bandt, the House of Representatives only Green, who took the seat in 2010 from it's traditional tribal owners, the ALP, following the retirement of Lindsay Tanner.
At that election,  the major parties polled:

Labor (Bowtell)                     38%
Greens (Bandt)                     36%
Liberals (Olsen)                     21%

... which gave the seat to the Greens over Labor on the two candidate preferred count of 56%/44%, a result the Greens could not have achieved without Liberal preferences.

I just heard a part of an interesting interview with John Howard on the ABC in which he said he hoped the Liberals preferenced the ALP over the Greens in this seat at the next election. The Greens are worse than Labor he said. He also expressed the view the Greens support had now peaked. Basically Australians don't like extremists. I agree. The Greens have had their Marrickville moment. From now it's just down hill and out. The way of the DLP, the Democrats and One Nation.

It is strategically important for the Liberals to put the Greens candidate last at least in Melbourne and explain why. It is because this party has become a carrier of extremist policies many of which have nothing to do with the environment. No offence to Mr Bandt. I expect he's a nice man. However his party, mainly through the activities of its NSW branch now under the control of old hard left cultists, is unacceptable in any Australian legislature. For instance, the party is now associated with the odious BDS campaign. It will take a purge and split to get rid of the stench.

If the Liberals are lucky, the ALP will refuse to preference them in Melbourne and elsewhere. I expect Michael Danby and others in the ALP will be doing their best to see this does not happen. What a strategic break for the Liberals however if they fail. They could then make a direct appeal to Labor voters across the country.  Do you really want another government beholden to extremists? Who knows. The Liberals could even take Melbourne. They almost took Balmain in the NSW state election. 

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Readers of  The Australian  will understand why this blog has been quietly jubilant since Saturday morning. Saturday's paper made my weekend but it got better on Monday. This morning is best of all.  Take up the free pass if you haven't seen these stories. The letters are interesting too.

The Greens are as dead as a belly up cane toad on a country road in winter. They just don't know it yet. These things sometimes keep jumping for a while as every Queenslander can tell you.

They are gone because the ALP has realised across all factions that it can not survive as a serious party if the Greens do. The alliance was a huge strategic mistake for the party. The next election is lost of course but they have put everything into the balance for the sake of this seedy deal.  They would have been better off in opposition.

The problem of course is the Australian Greens. It is surprising how little has been written about this strange and secretive little political tribe that up until it became the lurching rotting zombie we see today was one of the most successful Greens parties in the world.

For what that is worth.

I was about to write a piece on why this blog has it in for the Australian Greens when the boy scout up front jumped  like a startled cane toad in the headlights. They do that.

For this blog the tipping point was the Marrickville moment. Like most Australians I would never have voted for them of course but up until Marrickville I regarded the Greens with mere condescension and contempt. The joke party. The unfortunate by product of poor parenting, failing liberal education standards, declining moral values and the proportional and preferential voting systems especially where they overlap such as the Australian Senate.

Marrickville was the wake up call. In fairness it had been brewing for a while and if it wasn't Marrickville it would have been something else. The realisation that Australia had a self appointed political elite with its heartland in the gentrified  inner city of Sydney and Melbourne that was arrogant and confident enough to deliberately pick a fight with ratepayers money over whether Jews had the right to live in a free society of their own creation on the other side of the world..

I like watermelon. To call these people watermelons is to insult fruit. Fruit rarely itches for a fight like these people do and besides watermelons have been around a lot longer than the Greens. Right now they are in an alliance with Islamism globally which is plain to see for anyone who has access to the internet. They also control the NSW branch of the Australian Greens and their literature and influence permeates the party nationally.

This is difficult but we should have a look at what the Greens stand for. They are surprisingly open about it. Almost as if they are proud of it. In particular let's look at what in a real party would be called their foreign policy. The first thing to note is that whatever passes for foreign policy is not on the front page. You have to dig a little and then it's all over the place like cane toad road kill guts. For a party that cares so much about the rest of the world it does not seem that much thought that has gone into it.

So here is the start of it..  Pure wankerism for sure but no obvious extremism. Until you get to this. Skim it or it will rot your brain. The emphasis  is mine. It's there to help.

Israel-Palestine October 2006
Passed by consensus at Australian Greens National Conference, Adelaide – 27-29 October 2006 (Revised by National Council March 2009 and approved by QDMG May 2009)
1. Principles

The Australian Greens:
1.1 support the legitimate rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people to live in peace and
security in their own independent, sovereign state
1.2 support the legitimate rights and aspirations of the Israeli people to live in peace and security in their own independent, sovereign state
1.3 recognise the ongoing injustice that has been done to the Palestinian people and aim to rectify that injustice in a way that will allow both Palestinians and Israelis to live in peace
1.4 oppose Israel's ongoing occupation of the Palestinian territories and the expropriation of Palestinian land and resources for its settlements
1.5 support negotiations to achieve the democratic aspirations of both peoples within an environment of mutual respect and equality
1.6 demand the protection of human rights in the Palestinian territories and Israel 

1.7 reject violence and its promotion, particularly against civilians, whether perpetrated by a state, an organisation or individuals
1.8 oppose all forms of racism, religious or cultural intolerance and discrimination
1.9 call on all parties to comply with United Nations (UN) resolutions, international law, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Geneva Convention.
2. Goals
The Australian Greens will work for:
2.1 the removal of Israeli settlers and Israeli security and military forces from the Palestinian territories
2.2 the termination of the occupation of the Palestinian territories and the establishment of a secure and viable state of Palestine alongside Israel, based on 4 June 1967 boundaries with both states sharing Jerusalem as their capital
2.3 a just and practical negotiated settlement of the claims of the Palestinian refugees that provides compensation for those who are unable to return to their country of origin, Israel or Palestine
2.4 the right of each state to independently manage its own affairs, including foreign relations and economic development, without the dominance of one state over the other

2.5 the equitable allocation of shared resources, including water
2.6 the promotion of a culture of dialogue, harmony, peace and reconciliation between the peoples of Palestine and Israel, both in the Middle East and in Australia, fostered through educational, cultural and other institutions
2.7 full equality before the laws of each jurisdiction, for every citizen of that jurisdiction, irrespective of ethnic origin, religion or belief, race or gender.
3. Short Term Targets
3.1 The Australian Greens call for:
the establishment of an international commission under the auspices of the UN to effect a settlement of the conflict, in accordance with the above principles and goals
● peace negotiations facilitated by the commission leading to a schedule for the implementation of all the goals sought in 2 above.
3.2 As preliminary steps to the achievement of the goals, the Australian Greens call for:
● the immediate end to all acts of violence against civilian populations, including state targeted assassinations and suicide bombings
the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the Israeli military from all Palestinian cities, towns, refugee camps, surrounding areas and transport routes, allowing freedom of movement of Palestinians within the West Bank and Gaza
the immediate freezing of all Israeli settlement activity in the occupied territories (including natural growth) and the simultaneous commencement of the repatriation of the Israeli settlers from the Palestinian territories
an associated withdrawal of Israeli security and military forces from the areas evacuated by the settlers
the immediate dismantling of the separation wall
● the deployment of an international peace keeping force endorsed by the commission to: monitor the implementation of the above preliminaries by the parties; ensure that civilian populations are not exposed to the risk of hostile attack; and provide assistance to reestablish infrastructure
an immediate end to refusal of, or hindrance to, medical aid and an end to the destruction of infrastructure, agriculture and homes.
3.3 In addition to the above preliminary steps, the Australian Greens call for:
full involvement of representatives of Palestinian and Israeli women's organisations in the peace negotiations, in line with the principles set out in UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security

● international support to establish a joint healing process, based upon the principles of a truth and reconciliation commission (similar to experiences in South Africa)
● UN endorsed measures, such as sanctions, as needed and in conformity with Australian Greens policies, to ensure compliance of the parties with the international commission
● Australian, international and Israeli assistance programs in the Palestinian territories which together are sufficient to repair and rebuild Palestinian infrastructure, institutions, agriculture and the environment
an end to Australian taxation deductions for donations to states, institutions and organisations engaged in violation of human rights including settlement activity, and the harassment, shooting and killing of civilians.
● The Australian Greens extend their support, respect and recognition to Israelis, Palestinians and international peace workers in the area, who act or speak out for peace in the region and who promote non-violent action against the occupation of the Palestinian territories, often placing their own well-being at risk. We specifically recognise those Israeli soldiers who have refused to serve in the occupied territories.
Israel/Palestine March 2010
Adopted by National Council, March, 2010
Given the continuing disregard by Israel of calls to halt settlement expansion in the occupied territories including East Jerusalem:
The Australian Greens:
1. Call upon the Australian government to halt military cooperation and military trade with Israel;
2. Reiterate our call for the immediate freezing of all Israeli settlement activity in the Palestinian Occupied Territories
3. Call for the removal of existing Israeli settlers and Israeli security and military forces from the Palestinian territories.
4. Continue to condemn the use of violence in the Middle East in all its forms
5. Reject violence and its promotion, particularly against civilians, whether perpetrated by a state, organisation or individuals 
6. Support the promotion of a culture of justice, dialogue and peace between the peoples of Palestine and Israel.
Authorised and printed by Derek Schild, Australian Greens, 8-10 Hobart Place Canberra 2601

 So there you have it. It's all Israel's fault. It's very creation was a disaster for the Palestinians not because the Arabs lost the war they started  but because the Jews won it. Its continuing existence is an ongoing disaster for the Palestinians and the Arabs not because they continue to wage war against Israel and the Jews but because the Jews keep on winning. 

This is Greens policy.
The Jews must be punished and the Arabs compensated.  There will be no compensation for the Jewish refugees expelled  from Arab lands or who were displaced by the 1948 war the Arabs started . Their capital is to be taken from them and given to the Palestinians.  Jews will not be allowed to live in Jerusalem without restriction. Only Muslims and other Arabs will be.    Jews living in Judea and Samaria  are to be expelled, their property taken from them without compensation and their populations transferred. Only Arabs will be allowed to live in these lands. They are to sterilised of the Jews.  Israel must immediately disable  its defences against illegal and hostile infiltration and surrender its sovereignty  to some kind of UN  body that will involve a lot of women.  
You see, what we have here is an example of an extremist policy. You would have to be a pro-war crackpot, some kind of ugly religious crank or a particularly vile form of regurgitated  dog vomit Stalinist or Trotskyite to swallow even half of this.
O wait. Welcome to the Australian Greens.
Have a look around their site while you're there. Their policies are full of this shit. Nothing about Darfur of course or the horrors for women living in Muslim countries from Iran to Algeria let alone gays and religious and ethnic minorities . There is however something about American submarines radar interfering with whales. 
And that's just the foreign policy.  That's just the starter.  It's the perfect introduction to their domestic policies.

Like One Nation, the Australian Greens is an extremist party. It sits in relation to the ALP precisely where One Nation was in relation to the Liberal Party and the Nationals. It deserves the One Nation treatment. It will get the One Nation treatment.    

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