Monday, August 4, 2014

Sydney In Solidarity 3 August 2014


ABC news reported that 5000 people attended the pro-Israel peace rally in east Sydney and that organisers were forced to change venues to accommodate the unexpected crowd. There was heavy security.

The usual Sunday pro-Hamas war rally in the City attracted about 3000.

If you watch very closely you should see Shirlee. She's the lady with the blue and white flag. 


  1. "The usual Sunday pro-Hamas war rally in the City attracted about 3000.

    I was walking past that managerie yesterday and stopped in to check out some of the hate-speech. There was not even 1,000 people there, 500 or 600 tops. Most seemed to be bored witless except the children holding up hateful signs their parents had drawn for them.

    1. Interesting.

      This morning's Australian put the pro-Israel crowd at east Sydney rally at 10 000

      Amazing if true.