Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's Not Over!


Israel is under rocket attack again.

The ceasefire is over. Hamas began firing a barrage of rockets into southern Israel and Israel has responded with targeted airstrikes.
A kibbutz in southern Israel. (Photo: Atara Beck)
A kibbutz in southern Israel. (Photo: Atara Beck)
Hamas and Islamic Jihad continued their terror assault on southern Israel after a 72-hour ceasefire. A Hamas official said the terrorists would renew activity because Israel did not agree to their demands.
Terrorists resumed firing rockets into southern Israel on Friday morning – as warned – after negotiations in Cairo failed to move forward and the 72-hour ceasefire had expired.
The IDF, in response, targeted terror sites across the Gaza Strip.

Latest reports from Times of Israel


  1. An IDF reservist quipped: "A cease fire agreed to by HAMAS usually just gives us enough time to make it to the toilet before they break it". (or words to that effect).

    Incidentally, I have been using your comment: "Moses was the first Zionist" very often, including on twitter - and I'm am seeing it now starting to be used ! :)

    1. You are of course most welcome, Rita. Mind you I very much doubt that I am the first to have had this thought.