Thursday, August 28, 2014

Looking Back On The Gaza War 1


Your blog was not absent from duty during the Gaza war. It  got as close to the front as it could from here. Taking on the enemy on their own ground at New Matilda, , organ of choice of the Aussie Anti-Israel Left. And very often the anti-Israel right. Or both together.This  field is as drenched at the end of the day as any dripping gore since the dawn of warfare.  Or it would be if any of  the bastards came near me.

So in the tradition of All Quiet On The Western Front and that 1948 war correspondence diary by  that dude who turned out to be a little out there west of Pluto not much later in life, I bring you.

Blood on the Wattle
(the war posts)

All posts are genuine and exactly  as they appeared in the field on the day. In fact on the minute of the day.There has been no post war editing to spare the squeamish. Every wart is shown. Sometimes comment between war posts has been inserted to explain context. Where this has happened such comment in shown with an asterisk and in italics to distinguish it from the war posts themselves.

*The diary begins on perhaps the darkest day for the blog. It was on the 300 Holocaust survivors heap of crap thread that the hard left threw up to counter the Elie Wiesel letter asking Hamas to at least make some rudimentary first step along the evolutionary path out of primordial barbarism.

Seriously have you ever seen such vile nonsense? As if this sort of thing was a quantity business. It doesn't matter who they are so long as we can ram them into the net. Is there no where they will not stoop to pick?

Then suddenly the blog stumbles. Not in regard to the that matter naturally.  It feels obliged to express regret about something it said about someone in an earlier thread.  Then a recovery. Of sorts.  Will this horror never end?

Posted Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - 23:50
Can I say I regret a comment I made about a doctor working in Gaza for MsF  who put in a piece in one these threads on theHAMAS/ISIS  WAR ON ISRAEL AND THE JEWS series brought to you by the Australian left on behalf HAMAS/ISIS of course.  
I should not said what I did but I should say why she in particular made me angry.  
She is  working there. She must know that Gaza's main hospital was built by the Israelis. She must know that Hamas implanted itself there. The Israelis knew that Hamas was working its command post from well conditioned facilities in a basement  because they  built it. They were meant to be operating theatres
I can't believe that she does not know that Gazan medical supplies, with food, power, and basics for the Gazan people  flow from Israel even in times of war like right now
She would also know that Hamas Rules
Hamas controls its rivals by putting them up against a wall in the street and shooting them.
By dragging them through the streets behind motor cycles  
You would have to say with certainty that this is the first war in all of history where one side is feeding the other side rather than doing its best to blockade it.  Except for one fact . Israel did exactly the same thing last time.
Right now brave Israelis are risking their lives keeping the flow into Gaza knowing that they are feeding the enemy as well as the people.
And it goes even further. You would have to say with certainty this is the first war where one side uses its civilians including their own kids as shields because it knows its opponent will not strike them if it can except this is getting boring.
And you call the Jews the Nazis. On the contrary you are witnessing that strangest of all forms of human conflict. A combatant that is driven to feed her enemy. What else could you call this bizarre phenomenon that flies in the face of everything.we know about warfare
The Pacifist Wars 
Think it through, research it and then suck it up..
Think "wall poster"
Year 2054
Through a window is a scene of the celebration of annual  No More War day. The day the world celibates the signing of the Global Pacifist War Convection
The day the world agreed all military forces other than pacist military forces were to be abolished. You can have whatever military forces you wanted so long as they were pacifist military forces.
The definition of a pacifist military force has only one crition. The absolute requirement to feed the enemy with what they wanted as first modeled by the IDF in the early Hamas/IISIS wars against the Muslims and humanity
This requirement then made all need for war both unnecessary and impossible.
The highlight  is always the same. The march past and fly by of all  the world's pacifist alphabetical order
The front is the image of a little boy holding a woman's hand watching the parade. All around are proud people , standing upright looking bright. , She by contract  is looking pensive beyond endurance. . Her eyes are wrinkled and downcast,  almost weepy, a grey scarf pulled deep across her face.  
Like a climate scientist photograph 
Suddenly the little boy looks up earnestly 
The caption reads.
What did you do in the early great pacifist war period against the Hamas/ISIS assault on Muslims and humanity ,grandmother?
Posted Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 00:21
"Civilian casualties are deplored by Israel and the IDF goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid them. "
Absolutely correct. The IDF destroyed a Hamas operations base functioning in a large residential block the other day by destroying the whole block. It did this without causing a single civilian casualty. .
Killings civilians is regarded as a military failure by Israel. For Hamas/ISIS child murder is  policy. 

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