Thursday, August 28, 2014

Great Law. Let's Spread It


It didn't take long to learn in the rooms and yards of the Surfers Paradise State School circa 1965 that there were three great Abrahamic religions although nobody asked the Jews about that and the guys who came later got to dump on those who went before in rough proportion to how much time they got to write their books. 

As you would expect.

While this might say something about human nature it was hardly something to champion as a beacon of intellectual courage. So when challenged out of the blue as sometimes happened I was well prepared.

"Our minister says that all you Jews are going to hell"' snigger

Well, yeah

He would say that, wouldn't he? I see dead people.

The Jews are no different. The Hebrew Bible has much to say about those who ended up both past and indigenous that in the cold light of the morning could be seen to be shrill and garish from a certain angle. Even disrespectful and there is no question that if the Bible was being written now there are whole slabs that would have a much more appropriate tone to other native cultures and peoples of the region. 

None of whom are any longer with us.

This is bad luck for the Jews I thought because there is no one left to hate. It also explains that despite the fiery tone of their religious books the Jews are among the most peaceful people on earth and have been for centuries. 

Jews are not fighters. We all know that.  . 

This is a political blog. 

Religion and religious matters are entirely outside its fields of operations and will be referred to another department.  Therefore anyone wanting a conversation about 

deuteronomy 2:33-2:35

or any other detail that can be picked from the mass of  material  humankind has generated across all the religions and belief systems as they came and went and flashed about evidently since Genesis will be amazed how brief will be the chat.

It astonishes even this blog that it has to frame a piece about Political Islam in this way. 

But this is a dangerous subject and the venom it generates especially from those who have no apparent stake can be shocking. Here's an example. If you Google my name you will quickly come across the names of two gentlemen who have had some most unkind if not entirely coherent things to say about me.

One of them is a minor academic who was once attached to a South Australian university and he need detain us no longer. The other is Jacob A Stam

I do not believe I have ever said an unkind word about Stam. Well not that unkind. The guy is a dickhead so I've probably said that but Stam hates me as you can see. I mean he really hates me. The source of all this?  

A political point. The truth that an ideology that seeks to impose if necessary by force a system of religious law is something that Political Islam in all its guises has on its own. End of story.

Stam could just not accept this. 

Worse than that. It threw him into fits of rage and when Stam was mad, he really flew. All it was , was a political concept and it would blow him. I pass this on as the most perfect case of cognitive dissonance I have ever encountered.    

Stam was a great Deuteronomy man. That and the King David Hotel

Now we have to look at the detail of a religion  because it is political. For no other reason. Those driven to jihad actually believe this is the literal truth. 

Take a look at this.

This is a description of sharia in Saudi Arabia as it applies to women and girls. From that you can get some idea of the status of captured and non -Muslim women in those regions of Syria and Iraq that have fallen to ISIS.

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