Thursday, August 28, 2014

Looking Back On The Gaza War 2


*4 August 2014  A day that shall live in infamy. Except that they do it every time.  War is declared in the usual way by the liberal/left as soon as Hamas has declared in the usual way and the dreaded dead baby days have began.. This is the Australian left's contribution  to the Hamas/ISIS war drive as delivered. See a pattern here?

Below that is the first shot back from this blog. Stinging. It was fired on the Educational Boycott Front .We  think..Anyway we knew it wouldn't be the last. There was a war on and the Left behaves very differently when there is war. The hysteria. The goose-stepping in line. The looking around for where the orthodox stand. It is always the same.

But when there are Jews involved? At least that makes it so much easier

The Case Mounts For An Educational Boycott of Israel

By Jeff Sparrow
The bombing of United Nations-run schools in Gaza strengthens the case for an education boycott of Israel, writes Jeff Sparrow.
Another day, another deadly attack on a UN-run school in Gaza.
The latest strike killed 10 people, bringing the toll from the Israeli assault to 1,841 Palestinians killed, with 9,370 people injured and 10,080 houses destroyed.
Claims about Hamas using ‘human shields’ entirely miss the point. Even if the IDF allegations were true (and the UN says they’re not), you don’t respond to someone using civilians as hostages by simply killing the lot of them.
The deaths in the UN facilities epitomize the barbarity of Operation Protective Edge, not only because so many of the slain were children but also because they were killed after having fled their homes, precisely as they had been instructed by the Israelis

Posted Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 08:49
There will never be a "Palestine" until the "Palestinians" decide they want their own state. 

In the meantime the Left has finally jumped a shark this time with the sheer dishonesty and bigotry of its attacks on Israel. The truth is that the "Left" wants a state of "Palestine" even less than the "Palestinians" do.
The vicious hateful spit in your face lying that characterises these broad spectrum attacks. Holocaust deniers cheek by jowl with raving one state fanatics beside themselves with outrage at the sight of a brilliantly successful little country in a sea of bloody murder.  Welcome to the modern Australian left.
For both the "Palestinians" and the left, this is not at all about injustice to the "Palestinians". There is isn't any injustice and never has been, at least not from Israel and the West.. 
For the anti-Israel Islamists and Leftists this is not about restoring justice to Muslims or Arabs. Not in the slightest.
 It is about robbing the Jews of their land, property, civil and national rights and if at all possible their lives. It has always been about that. 

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